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Moving: Where do you fit in?

Moving. That single word strikes fear in most people. Moving is not fun. Moving is stressful. Knowing that moving is no small feat, now add moving into a retirement community and you have what can possibly lead to a meltdown of all parties involved. Sure, there are professionals that will help guide you in this process. They will help arrange the move and they will help find you a place to live as long as

Medicare vs Advantage Medicare: What’s the Advantage to you?

Annually, from October 15 – December 7, Medicare holds what is known as “Open Enrollment”. During Open Enrollment, you are able to switch from Traditional Medicare to an Advantage Medicare Plan, from one Advantage Medicare Plan to another, as well as make changes to your Medicare Part D plan which is your Prescription Plan.  As a Medical Social Worker and Care Transitions Manager, I have received many questions on what are the differences between Traditional

How Do Hearing Aids Work in Noisy Places?

Speech is difficult to understand in noisy places, but if you have hearing loss, this problem is complex. Hearing aids can help with this. Ever wonder how? Good-quality, properly-fit hearing aids have the ability to distinguish noise from speech. They process sounds in complicated ways that help you understand speech. Yes, you DO hear more background noise than before wearing hearing aids, but the background noise does not get amplified as much as the speech