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Professional Services and Resources : Transportation

Know How To Go, Mobility Resources for Southwestern CT

Margaret Mixon, The Kennedy Center, Trumbull CT


ITN Dignified Transportation For Seniors

Caroline Chambliss

Remember the day you got your license to drive? Your first car and the freedom that came with it?  Now consider a day in the future when you license is restricted or revoked and you can no longer...

Flying towards hope on the wings of an angel

Angel Flight

A small child, ravaged by cancer, needs specialized lifesaving treatment at a hospital 300 miles away. A father, separated from his family by a hurricane, wants desperately to be reunited. A domestic...

Public Transportation Offers Seniors Convenient, Low-Cost Options

RTD regular bus

The Regional Transportation District’s (RTD’s) bus and light rail system provides wheelchair-accessible public transit at discounted fares for seniors. In addition, RTD offers the...

RSVP Medical Transportation Program - "Medical Mobility"

Allison Dellwo

Transportation to medical appointments can be difficult to find, especially if the appointment requires a friend or family member to pick you up after the procedure.  With transportation becoming...