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Is the NEW Reverse Mortgage Right For You

Are you like me and worry about what your retirement looks like? Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you no longer had to make mortgage payments(except property taxes,  homeowners insurance and maintenance) or if  you had a cash reserve available that would allow you to lengthen/increase your retirement cash flow or cover unexpected expenses? The NEW reverse mortgage is a loan available for seniors 62+ who wish to supplement their

4/18/2018 – The Colorado Assisted Living Industry enters a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations!

The Colorado Assisted Living Industry entered a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations. On  4/18/2018  the CDPHE Board of Health approved a new rewrite of the rules and regulations governing the operation of assisted living residences in Colorado. The Board unanimously approved the new rules and regulations. This was a culmination of 24 months of work between CDPHE, the Assisted Living Stakeholders working group, and private owners and operators of

Do You Want Your Loved One Sent to the ER Alone?

There is an important service that should be performed by every Assisted Living Facility when they take on the responsibility of caring for a loved one in your family. In fact I encourage you to add this to your list of criteria when selecting a facility particularly when you are dealing with a senior who is frail or has memory care issues.  The question:  When a resident is sent out of the facility to the