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A Safety Net on the Southwest Side of Chicago

The Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program is a unique program of the State of Illinois (65 ILCS 95) that was developed to guarantee property values for an extended time.  It is financed by a special levy imposed on the Chicago property tax bill within the home equity district on single through six-unit residential properties. Chicagoan’s are eligible if they own a home within the southwest side district. The district encompasses 9 wards, 7 zip codes

New Hope for Medicare Recipients Impacted by “Observation Status” Rules

Being in the hospital in an Observation Status comes as a rude awakening to many seniors. Being placed in a room has always meant you were being admitted. Right? Nope, at best that would be a big maybe. In 2013 it was called the “two-midnight rule” to help clarify defining observation status, but that’s changed. An unintended consequence of this rule and to avoid denial of payments by Medicare for hospital admissions challenged by Medicare

The Role of the Adult Day Center

Where can an aging adult go to socialize, laugh, sing, exercise, receive health care and eat well balanced, nutritious meals? Many adult day centers offer these benefits and more for aging adults who require additional assistance during the day due to health reasons. Currently there are 4,600 adult day centers in the United States serving approximately 260,000 aging adults, younger persons with disabilities, and caregivers. Estimates show a 63% increase in the number of people