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5 Easy and Affordable Accessibility Solutions

Want to stay in your own home? Do you cherish your memories? Are your family and friends close by? Do you like being on your own schedule?

#1 Make an Entryway Accessible Install a modular ramp for entry to front, back, or side door. This will eliminate stairs for individuals who have mobility challenges or use a wheelchair a scooter. A modular ramp can be assembled in one day, is removable and reusable, fireproof, slip resistant, and has handrails. #2 Install Rails and Grab Bars Inside or Outside Sometimes a little extra stability is needed. A handrail on the opposite side of the stairs can provide much comfort when climbing or descending stairs. Grab bars come in different sizes and can be installed anywhere in the home. #3 Install a Stair Lift When stairs become challenging, a stair lift offers a great solution. Stair lifts are easily mounted with minimal changes to the stairs. Stair lifts come in varying indoor and outdoor models with an array of features such as remote control, swivel seats, battery back up, and more. Many individuals painstakingly crawl up and down steps. Do not wait! This is an easy modification that will pay for itself. Stair lifts will take you from one floor to the next with ease and make your daily life enjoyable. #4 Portable and Threshold Ramps One or two steps or an uneven surface can become troublesome. These small areas of raised surfaces are often the biggest causes of a trip and fall accident. There are many styles of aluminum and rubber ramps that can provide a smooth transition for you to maneuver. #5 Make a Bathroom Accessible Many falls and slips happen in the bathroom. Modifications will allow you to avoid hazards that could cause accidents. ? Install a walk-in shower to eliminate tripping hazards. ? Install a lower sink to easily reach the handles and basin. ? Install a toilet of appropriate height to ease sitting and standing ? Strategically place grab bars in shower or next to toilet for added stability. Easy and affordable modification will enable you to stay safe and independent in your home! Enjoy your surroundings and make the most of every day! _______________________________________ Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Nick Marcellino of Amramp. See their ad on page 65.

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