Finding a Fitness Program That Works for You


As our bodies age and things begin to break down, it becomes increasingly difficult for seniors to stay fit and active. Yet, staying fit and active is one of the best ways to delay or ward off the limitations of our aging bodies.
Finding the right fitness program can be challenging even for active seniors. Health issues can make certain exercises painful or even impossible, most modern gyms don’t provide programs or equipment tailored to seniors, and for those who are just starting out, well, you may not even know where to begin.
Facilities like Penrose-St. Francis’ Health Learning Center are catering to seniors’ needs with staff and programs designed to help you stay active and vibrant regardless of age. More than a gym, such centers offer a variety of programs and classes ranging from pulmonary rehabilitation to cooking and nutrition, as well as senior-friendly exercise classes that gently increase strength, flexibility, and circulation.
The majority of the Health Learning Center’s clients are over 50 years old, with the oldest an active 94. To ensure their well-being, the center is staffed by registered nurses, exercise physiologists, respiratory therapists and recreational therapists, and includes a triage area for assessing possible medical emergencies. New clients are welcomed to a wellness evaluation by either an RN or exercise physiologist, depending on the client’s medical history, and receive a tailored outline of exercise activities to promote overall wellness.
Find Out More
The Penrose Health Learning Center, located in the Union Medical Campus, 1644 Medical Center Point (Union and Templeton Gap) offers a variety of health and education classes, as well as fitness memberships for seniors. Please call (719) 776-3600, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., for additional information or to register for a class.