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Anti-Aging Dentistry is Your First Step Towards Improving Your Smile

When Bob and Patty came to Guerra Dental they found an office that was compassionate and eager to help.

Being a nationally recognized speaker, Bob Linden knows the value of a great smile. He and his wife Patty have always taken care of their teeth, but like many people, their smiles had started to age. When Patty discovered that she needed a new dentist, she and Bob went searching for the right fit for their dental health. Being a retired Air Force Veteran, Bob sought out the best care he could find from the former head of the Air Force Academy Dental Services, Dr. Fred Guerra. Bob and Patty explained their situation to Dr. Guerra and started the process of restoring their smiles. Patty needed some crowns, bonding and a bridge which were caused by normal wear and tear that happens over the years. With Patty’s results being so positive, Bob made the decision to have Invisalign to enhance and straighten his already infectious smile. Bob wore Invisalign for about a year and his smile was straightened and perfected. And, to make his smile even better, Bob decided to have his smile whitened with Dr. Guerra’s Brite White system. Now his smile is just as radiant as his personality. Aging smiles can be made more attractive and healthier with state of the art dentistry As the years pass, the stresses put on your teeth take their toll. With age, your smile can lose vibrancy due to discoloration, tooth loss and more. Gravity and aging make our lower face shrink and sink in, resulting in less of our upper teeth showing as we speak or smile. The Good News There is good news for those of us over 50. With the latest advances in dentistry, your smile can look as young and vibrant as you feel. Dental implants to replace missing teeth help to ensure bone loss is kept to a minimum, Invisalign or other orthodontia can move your teeth back into place and help support your lip reducing the wrinkles around your mouth and lips, high-tech teeth whitening procedures can give your teeth the natural whiteness you desire and this is just the beginning. Connecting with a dentist who focuses on anti-aging dentistry is your first step towards improving your smile. Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Dr Fred Guerra, Dr Guerra is a  dentist with Guerra Dental and may be reached at  719-596-1230  or by email at

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