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Assisted Living Myth

Orlando, FL

“Assisted Living” – two words that strike fear into the hearts of many. Images of losing independence and the foreboding 1970s “Nursing Home” are invoked. Some envision neglected loved ones with poor care and minimal socialization for a hefty cost. Others prefer the stability and predictability of staying in the home they’ve lived in for years, even if a change may be for the better.

Today’s Assisted Living Communities are designed for social activity, personal care, health management, nutrition, affordability, safety, and most of all, quality of life. Maintaining independence is a top priority for residents and communities alike. Once a senior gets help with the activities with which they’ve been struggling with, they’re now empowered in every other aspect of their life. Nobody is in the business of telling you what to do. 

The best way to combat the assisted living myth is to visit in-person and see for yourself. By examining current residents’ quality of life, one can overcome their assumptions of the “Nursing Home.” At Oasis Senior Advisors, we’re at your side every step of the way, from finding the right communities, accompanying you on your tours, and representing you through the agreement process.

It is always best to start this process early to ensure the senior is able to participate in the selection and touring process. It’s lower stress (and even fun!) to embark on this journey when you have time and resources instead of a panic when there’s an emergency.

Though many emphasize “aging in place,” homes are not conducive to easy mobility. Houses may have stairs and bathrooms that aren’t designed for walkers or wheelchairs, and getting help can be both difficult and expensive. Assisted Living Communities can be both a safe haven for seniors and a stress reducer for families, now knowing their loved one is protected.

Trepidations surrounding cost can be minimized by understanding what is included in that cost: meals, utilities, laundry, household maintenance, property taxes, and care services. Many current expenses, like home insurance and mortgage, will disappear. It can also be cheaper than homecare since one caregiver can be shared between multiple residents.

The senior living industry has revolutionized itself into something to be celebrated. Seniors can set themselves up for a future of independence through the reassuring avenues of care, safety, and socialization. Assisted living can and should be the beginning of a new adventure.

Wriitten by Steven Moses, CSA, President and Certified Senior Advisor with Oasis Senior Advisors. He can be reached at 407-250-8100 or visit

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