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“Double” Taxation On Social Security Benefits

Colorado Springs, CO

Some taxpayers pay federal income taxes on their Social Security benefits, even though when Social Security was established back in 1935 it was always supposed to be tax free in retirement. For some it still is tax free, and for others it is not! This usually happens when you have other income (such...

Estate Planning Legal Fees

Colorado Springs, CO

Maybe even more important than the amount of your legal fees is how those fees are determined. Estate planning attorneys charge in two main ways; hourly and flat fee. Hourly billing is how attorneys have charged since the beginning of time. Hourly works great for litigation since the time required is...

Dig A Little Deeper When Looking For A Medicare Health Plan

Colorado Springs, CO

Does this health plan have my current doctor? Cover my medications? Alongside cost of care these two questions are commonly asked by Medicare beneficiaries when considering whether to change their health plan. Unfortunately, opportunities to look beyond costs and coverage are sometimes overlooked. There...

Considering A Hip Or Knee Replacement? Choose The Surgeon That’s Right For You

Colorado Springs, CO

The decision to undergo any surgical procedure is one to be taken seriously, and patients should take time to be well-informed when committing to a procedure and choosing a surgeon. If you’ve been considering joint replacement surgery, seeking an experienced surgeon and asking lots of questions is a...

Consider A Discount Dental Plan For Savings

Colorado Springs, CO

Everyone wants to sell you dental insurance; but a discount plan can save you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars each year.  When shopping for Dental Coverage make sure you are asking at least four questions. What are my annual premium costs? What are my maximum benefit pay outs? What...

Caregiving & Compassionate Conversations

Colorado Springs, CO

You may be a spouse, a neighbor, or a sibling. If you are reading this, you may also be a Caregiver. As someone faced with the challenges of caregiving, you might one day also be faced with tough conversations with those you are caring for.  You may be noticing that a loved one is not eating well,...

50 Years Of Caring

Colorado Springs, CO

It was 1970 and Ken and Sylvia Ringling embarked on a new adventure to Colorado Springs with their young sons Devin and Jeff. Sylvia was surprised and frustrated to find very few nursing jobs, and a pay rate of $1.75 for LPNs. After a few years, Sylvia answered an ad for “as needed” nurses through an...

5 Questions For Your Doctor: Are Memory Issues A Concern?

Colorado Springs, CO

If you or a loved one have concerns about memory loss or other unexplained changes in behavior, getting an expert opinion from your family doctor is an important first step in understanding how to proceed. Medicare offers a free annual wellness visit for those 65 and older where patients can request...

Why You Need to Know About Palliative Care


For people living with serious illness, palliative (pal-lee-uh-tiv) care can provide relief from symptoms and stress while improving well-being and quality of life.   While there continues to be a lack of awareness and misconceptions about palliative care, a recent study by the Center to Advance Palliative...

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