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Mindfulness & Caregiving: How to Let Go of Fear and Protectionism


If you’re a caregiver and a perfectionist, you may be facing an uphill battle. Caregiving is a demanding job, and it’s critical to accept that not everything will be perfect. As a caregiver, there are many things you cannot control, and the most important thing to do is to let go of chasing perfection...

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Senior Care Spotlight | teleCalm


Join Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN RN, for a Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight, featuring Tavis Schriefer, CEO of teleCalm. What is teleCalm? The teleCalm service stops problem calls for seniors – whether they live at home or in a senior living community. We especially help those living with Alzheimer’s...

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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Home Care Assistance Denton County


Kare Works presents Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight with Home Care Assistance of Denton County. Welcome to Tamika Jackson, Administrator/Client Care Manager with Home Care Assistance of Denton County. She shares information about Home Care Assistance and the services they are offering during...

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Lisa Story, Founder of Hope Grows

Hope Grows provides family and professional caregivers to receive counseling, support, and much-needed short breaks. Learn from Lisa about their one of kind approach to wellness, through their variety of programs and initiatives, that manage the physical, psychological, and spiritual stress associated...

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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Visiting Angels McKinney

4500 Eldorado Pkwy Ste 3500 , McKinney, TX

Kare Works presents Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight with Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN; featuring Shannon Sennett, LMSW, Intake Manager/Client Care Supervisor of Visiting Angels in McKinney. Shannon addresses the importance of Self Care for Caregivers, stress and what it does to the body,...

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Introducing the Dementia Friendly America Project


 According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it is anticipated that by 2050, 14 million Americans will be living with some form of dementia. Every area in the country will be affected… including Adams and York Counties in “gray state” Pennsylvania. In 2018 Jennifer Holcomb, Director of Memory Support...

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Keeping Your Loved One Engaged When They Have Dementia


You’ve had a long day at work and you’re tired.  But, you need to go home and care for your loved one who has Dementia.  Take a deep breath and know there are many ways to have a conversation or keep them engaged: Use familiar words and phrases when speaking or asking questions Use humor if appropriate...

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Being Your Own Advocate


Its hard understanding and keeping up with everything – it’s overwhelming.  You have to take responsibility for your medical care because no one else will.  YOU are your own best advocate. Here’s what you need to know: Know Your Medications Know your own body and the way you react to certain drugs....

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Five Helpful Resources for Family Caregivers

York, PA

Caring for an aging loved one is a noble task—and hard work! Sometimes being the family caregiver means taking on the added responsibility 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Complications from your loved one’s health condition, such as the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, can generate more questions...

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Have the Conversation Today


“It always seems too early, until it’s too late.” It’s an all-too-common refrain from loved ones who waited too long to have conversations about end-of-life care preferences. I, myself, live with regret of a decision made with my husband as he neared the end of his life. We followed the expert recommendations...

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Caregiving & Compassionate Conversations

Colorado Springs, CO

You may be a spouse, a neighbor, or a sibling. If you are reading this, you may also be a Caregiver. As someone faced with the challenges of caregiving, you might one day also be faced with tough conversations with those you are caring for.  You may be noticing that a loved one is not eating well,...

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Pastoral Care: Healing the Spirit When the Body is Beyond Repair


For patients and their families, a terminal diagnosis can produce spiritual pains that physicians can’t treat.  VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care since 1978, employs a chaplain on every interdisciplinary team to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and...

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What is a "Continuum of Care"?


What is a “Continuum of Care” The phrase “continuum of care has been around for a while – but not all providers are part of a true continuum when it comes to caring for seniors. Most providers involved in a continuum of care system offer opportunities for seniors to remain within a system that provides...

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Mindfulness & Caregiving: How to Let Go of Fear and Protectionism


If you’re a caregiver and a perfectionist, you may be facing an uphill battle. Caregiving is a demanding job, and it’s critical to accept that not everything will be perfect. As a caregiver, there are many things you cannot control, and the most important thing to do is to let go of chasing perfection...

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Caregiving Without the Burn


When a person becomes impaired by age, illness or injury, a friend, family member or other relative may take responsibility for their care. This primary caregiver helps a patient remain at home, rather than in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility. For four decades, VITAS® Healthcare...

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11 Ways Caregivers Need to Take Care of Themselves

While it’s wonderful to be a caregiver—to give back to parents or a loved one by helping them as they age or manage an illness, caregiving also can be stressful and frustrating at times. In other words, being a caregiver is no picnic. It’s important to take care of yourself. Here are 11 ways self-care...

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Family is at the Heart of Aging in Place

Everyone should be able to receive the care they need to stay in the place they love — home. And family members will enjoy peace of mind knowing their elderly loved ones are receiving the right services to help them age in place, safely and independently. Lee Health’s Senior Care Choices can provide...

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Welcome to Care Right, Inc

Do you need guidance with an aging loved one and care decisions? Do you have a Grab and Go binder? Often, caregiving falls on the shoulders of the family members. In time, compassion fatigue is likely to occur because of the overwhelming responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. Family caregivers...

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Person Direct Care in Comparison to Institutional Care

Person Direct Care meets the unique needs of individuals confronting Alzheimer’s/Dementia, as well as those of their loved ones. Person Direct Care practicing the Eden Alternative Philosophy is the method which develops strong, open, and transparent relationships for all concerned and provides individualized...

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Hiring the Best Caregiver for Your Loved One

Aging in place becomes increasingly more important as your loved one ages and as their activities of daily living become more difficult. When this begins, home care is the best option. Finding a caregiver that fits your loved one’s needs can seem like a daunting task. To know exactly what to look for...

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Join the Caregiver Iris Movement and be a Hope Grows Caregiver Champion!

With more than 44 million caregivers nationwide, Hope Grows feels the time has come to launch a movement that honors caregivers. The Blue-Bearded Iris is the symbol to raise awareness of caregiver issues while championing caregiver appreciation and assistance. The Iris flower, in general, implies a message...

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The Alzheimer’s Association’s 2018 Facts & Figures Report Reveals Increases in Alzheimer’s Prevalenc

With each passing year, new data continues to prove that Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic. Significant increases in costs and incidence, including care costs for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia's surpassing a quarter of a trillion dollars have been reported in the Alzheimer’s...

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What Caregivers Want You to Know

Being a family caregiver is not an easy task. There are numerous physical, emotional, spiritual and financial challenges in caring for an older family member.  Family caregivers will spend on average 4 to 5 years of their life caring for their loved one. It’s a long, hard, tough job caring for a...

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Adult Day Services Keeps Seniors Independent Longer

Adult Day Center services may be the perfect fit for you and your loved one if you are identifying that additional care is needed as independence inevitably declines. They offer necessary supervision during the day with the participant returning home, where they feel most comfortable, at the end of the...

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Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

It’s very difficult when your loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia because there are so many questions surrounding that news. And now you find yourself in the position of caregiver which can be difficult and overwhelming especially if you’re still working and have a family. One of the most important...

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Conflict & Family Caregivers – What You Need to Know

Conflict is a normal, natural part of everyone’s life. Factors that can exacerbate conflict include the well-known things to avoid in polite conversation: religion, politics and money. For families, these big three topics quickly trigger emotions that can be difficult to defuse and when things go awry...

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Four Facts About Personal Care Communities

Don’t wait until an emergency arises to discuss your future care plans. As you continue to age, your level of care increases. And, just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you should compromise your independence. Personal care communities are revolutionizing the quality of care to shed pesky stereotypes....

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PA Link & You Working Together

The mission of the PA Link to Aging and Disability Resources is to improve access to long term services and supports for individuals, their loved ones and caregivers, regardless of age, income, or ability, through an integrated network of partner agencies committed to expanding the use of community based...

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Communicating with Seniors with Memory Loss

As memory loss progresses into the middle and later stages, communication can become difficult because of an array of challenges and changes within the brain. According to Natalie McFarland, BSN, RN and Dementia Educator at Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace, this doesn’t mean communication stops, it simply...

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How To Persuade a Senior They Need Help

You’re doing what any good person would do, trying to keep tabs on a loved one who’s growing older. You’re afraid to broach the idea of getting involved in their affairs, because you don’t want to hurt their feelings–or worse, start a fight. Maybe you’ve even tried to offer your help, only to get rebuffed....

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I Didn’t Know, But I Was Ready!

"This is how my journey of home care started"... It was June 23, 2005, on my 39th birthday and we were in the office of A.A.C Adoption & Family Network in Berthoud, Colorado with my two boys ages 6 and 7 and my husband. We were looking into adopting a girl when I got a call from my sister: “Mom has...

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Overcoming Barriers to Respite

Caregivers can undergo a large amount of physical and emotional stress. The stress often includes feelings of being overwhelmed, abandonment, irritation and anger, and losing interest in outside activities. We believe small acts of self-care can bolster caregivers’ mental and physical states, making...

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In-Home Care – Getting Your Parents on Board

If you are reading this article, you probably have already come to the realization that your parents are in need of home care. Most likely, your parents want to remain in their own home and retain as much independence as possible. Helping your parents overcome their perception that accepting in-home...

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Caregivers: Taking Care of Self is Job Number One

As Caregivers we are often put into a position where we have to choose between what is good for ourselves, and what is good for our loved one or care partner. Placing someone else needs in front of our own might be difficult for some people to understand, but not for the caregiver! To be a healthy...

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Caregivers: Taking Care of self is job number one

As Caregivers we are often put into a position where we have to choose between what is good for ourselves, and what is good for our loved one or care partner.  Placing someone else needs in front of our own might be difficult for some people to understand, but not for the caregiver! To be a healthy...

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My Mission as a Caregiver: Caring for Yourself While Being a Caregiver

It’s no secret – being a caregiver is hard work. It’ harder than anything you may do. Many of us know at least one person who has been, or currently is, a caregiver. It can sometimes feel draining and as if you’re alone and isolated so it's important to maintain your own vitality. There are over 44...

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Joy on the Journey: Is joy a choice?

Sometimes the smooth pavement beneath us turns to gravel and we find ourselves questioning the journey. At times it becomes a narrow path, not of our choosing, and we wonder how or why we have been asked to pick our way through the "handicaps" we have been dealt. We stumble over the jagged rocks of disappointment...

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Check-Up Time for Consumer Choice & Home-Based Care

According to a recent study by Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA), “consumer choice”---your choice---is now a primary force changing healthcare in America. Today’s consumers are more savvy and skeptical. You want to know what you’re getting for your money. You also expect user-friendly interfaces,...

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What is Supports Coordination – How can it Help our Family?

Nobody prepares you to watch your loved ones get older. As our lives become busier and more hectic, theirs are slowing down. Health conditions and physical limitations may bring new challenges to them, and they begin to struggle to remain independent. As members of our families age, they have needs that...

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Caring for a Person with Dementia?

Caring for a person with dementia often takes its toll on the caregiver's health. The stress of the situation often causes medical and/or psychological issues for the person. Although stress cannot completely be eliminated, there are steps to take to avoid being in distress. One of the first steps is...

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Is Respite Care The Answer For Your Family?

Are you a caretaker, but your own health is failing? Do you need more time to recover following a hospital stay or surgery? Are you thinking about making the move to a senior living community, but aren't sure whether it's right for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you or your loved...

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Long-Distance Caregiving

Long-distance caregiving is a growing and challenging trend for adult children. The Pew Research Center estimates that one of every 8 adults between 40 and 60 is raising children while also tending to aging parents. An additional 7-10 million care for parents from far away. Every aspect of caregiving...

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