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IV Therapy

Refers to any medical treatments/medications that need to be introduced into the body via a patient's veins. Numerous IV Therapies can be provided in a patient's home under supervision of a MD. Some of these include: inter-infective/antibiotic therapies, hydration therapy, pain management, chemotherapy...

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Live-In Services

Refers to providing care 24 hours a day for as long as the client requires this supervision. These services may be contracted through Companion Agencies or through Individual contracts. #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}#

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Liability Coverage

Bonded means that a bonding company has secured money that is available to the consumer in the event they file a claim against the company. Insured refers to what happens if someone gets hurt on the job. If the company isn't insured, then the claim gets filed against the homeowner's insurance. If...

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Being bonded means that a bonding company has secured money that is available to the consumer in the event they file a claim against the company. #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}#

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Cardiac Care

Refers to services including patient assessment, specific diet information, and management of the disease process, medication management and education. Cardiac rehabilitation is a program designed to help a person with heart disease return to health. Cardiac rehabilitation may consist of exercise,...

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Med-Alert Available

Company offers a pendent or home-alert system that notifies staff that user in in distress. #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}#

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Contracted w/ VA

If the patient is not a Medicare Recipient and is covered by the VA, the VA will make payments directly to their contracted agencies. If a patient is a Veteran, but is a Medicare Recipient, they may choose any Medicare approved hospice agency for their care. #listing_mgr{1 basic_search}# ...

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Non-Medical home care agencies #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}#

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Assistance With ADL's

Assistance with activities of daily living. #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}# #listing_mgr{1 basic_search}#

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Home Health Aides / Assisting ADL

Refers to persons specifically trained to help individuals with their personal care needs and activities of daily living (ADLs). These services include assistance with bathing, showering, shampooing, dressing etc. Other tasks may be assigned to aides per individual agency and family negotiations/contract....

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Diabetic Care

Refers to services including patient assessment specific diet information, management of the disease process, medication management and education on all the above. Services are provided by Registered Nurse under the supervision of a M.D. Some agencies may have certified diabetic nurse instructors...

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Memory Care (Dementia)

These communities are either licensed assisted living facilities that specialize in delivering care to victims of dementia or a unit of a skilled nursing facility. The same licensure rules apply. Communities are typically bedroom-style rental units with common areas for dining and activities. Many...

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New Choice Waiver

Facility is contracted to accept this Medicaid based program. New Choice Waiver is designed to help nursing home residents move to more independent community settings. #listing_mgr{1 basic_search}#

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Intermediate Care

24 hour inpatient care residents who need licensed nursing supervision and supportive care, but do not require continuous nursing care. Residents may receive full assistance with ADLs and transfers. Residents receive meds form a nurse following a doctors orders and may receive outpatient rehab services....

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24 Hour Contact

Refers to "round the clock treatment" in a home environment. The care may be shared by multiple caregivers or a single caregiver. #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}#

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24 Hour On Call

Refers to someone being available 24 hours a day to speak with you. #listing_mgr{8 basic_search}#

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Medicaid Waiver

An assisted living waiver may be used to transition individuals out of nursing facilities or to provide persons at risk of institutionalization with options for remaining in their communities. Assisted living waivers are designed to provide an alternative to more costly nursing home care. #listing_mgr{8...

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Refers to a comprehensive program of care to patients and families facing a life threatening illness. Hospice emphasizes palliative rather than curative treatment. The dying are comforted. Professional medical care is given, and sophisticated symptom relief provided. Very few Home Health Agencies...

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Falls – Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies

       Every year, 3 million seniors are treated in the emergency room for fall injuries. And, falling once doubles someone’s chances of falling again.Preventing accidents in the home, including falls, is one of the most important planning strategies for helping seniors stay independent. Fractures, head...

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Price Dependent Levels Of Care

Flexible levels of service geared to accommodate different needs over time. Rates may vary depending on the changing levels of care while one maintains the same physical residence. #listing_mgr{1 basic_search}#

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