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SBB University Caregiving Resources | Fall Prevention The Big Picture

SBB University Caregiving Resources | FALL PREVENTION THE BIG PICTURE is a 4 part series presented by Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM, the owner of AIPC Therapy, and a mobile Occupational Therapy provider. Fall Prevention The Big Picture | Part 1 Understanding Risk: Awareness Of Possible Consequences And...

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The Importance of Education When Making Healthcare Choices | Acappella Podcast

Acappella, a Caring People Company, founder, Jo Alch, covers the importance of education when it comes to making healthcare decisions with Aging Life Care Specialist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Peggy Papert and Kathleen Warshawsky, who is a registered nurse, the publisher of Seniors BlueBook,...

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What Can Home Health Care Do For Me?  

Home Health Care (HHC) comes in a variety of different services and agencies such as Nursing services, Physical, Occupational and speech therapies it may also include social workers and hospice services. These services are often needed when discharging from a hospital or rehab or in the home when there...

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C'Me Connect: Promoting Independence in the Home

CareAparent understands you or your loved one want to age independently and safely at home. C’Me Connect™ is an opportunity for virtual visit assistance for appointments with a primary physician or Telehealth calls in the comfort of the home. These services allow easy access to needed appointment providing...

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Quick, What’s the Number for 911?

There is a scene in the 1994 movie, The Little Rascals, where the clubhouse is on fire, and Buckwheat is holding a payphone asking Spanky, "Quick, what's the number for 911"? Since neither of them know, they run off in search of help to save their beloved clubhouse. Not being sure who to call in time...

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SBB University presents "Caregiving Resources & Support"

Doing it all for someone you love can be beautiful and fulfilling, but it can also cause fatigue. As America’s population ages and the number of those with severe health issues increases, more family caregivers find themselves in similar situations, especially during the pandemic. Join SBB University...

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SBB Senior Care Spotlight Welcomes Karen Sumey, LCSW of Windhorse Elder Care

In this episode of Senior Care Spotlight, we welcome Karen Sumey, LCSW. Karen is a clinical supervisor with Windhorse Elder Care. Karen shares how their "team approach" helps their senior clientele, some who are living with dementia or mental health concerns.

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Using Assistive Technology in a 21ST Century Virtual World

The Center for Independence (CFI) has been serving western slope people with disabilities, including seniors, since 1982. We receive our funds from contracts with state and federal agencies which allow us to provide case management and demonstration services for free. These last few months have showed...

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Falls – Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies

       Every year, 3 million seniors are treated in the emergency room for fall injuries. And, falling once doubles someone’s chances of falling again.Preventing accidents in the home, including falls, is one of the most important planning strategies for helping seniors stay independent. Fractures, head...

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What Inspired Kathy Miller to Start Gentle Shepherd Home Care?  

My Grandmother, Meemaw was my mentor, my guide and my lifeline throughout my life. She was my North Star! She and my Grandfather Papa spent a great deal of time with my brothers and I and raised us throughout our childhoods. My Meemaw was smart, incredibly strong and my hero. I owe every success I have...

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SBB University Caregiving Resources | Engaging an Aging Adult with Dementia

SBB University Caregiving Resources is provided courtesy of Seniors Blue Book and Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN. Benjamin Surmi, MSG, Director of Education and Culture with Koelsch Communities presents Engaging an Aging Adult with Dementia: Top Dementia-Friendly Virtual Strategies and Tools for Professionals...

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The Power of Your Words

Words, you see them on paper, you hear them used by family, friends, and foe.  But what do they mean?  Well they mean whatever YOU believe they mean.  WHAT?  Yes, you give the meaning to words which is what causes much confusion and conflict.  Let me give you an example:  You have a definition that...

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Staying Safe at Home with Accessible Products

If you are like most Americans, your goal is to remain living in your home as long as possible.  As a caregiver, keeping your loved one at home may be the greatest gift you’ll ever give.   Adult children of aging parents often worry about the challenges their loved ones face.  Whether it be trip hazards...

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“I need help! Who can I turn to?”

How do I keep my Parents safe and at home? As my parents and grandparents age, I often compare the struggles they face now to the struggles I faced growing up. My safety and well-being were always first and foremost in their minds.  Now that I am older, I find myself having those same feelings about...

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SBB University presents: Home? A Retirement Community? What is the Best Option for Me?

It is important that everyone think ahead and to consider where and how you might like to age.Join SBB University and our panel of experts as we arm you with knowledge on how to evaluate your living situation and make a plan while you are still healthy. Topics of discussion at this informative event...

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