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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Home Instead Senior Care with Temi Charrier


Temi Charrier, owner of Home Instead Senior Care join Seniors Blue Book Publisher, Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN in this Senior Care Spotlight.  Temi shares "why do we do the things we do". She talks about having"Passion, Purpose and Attitude towards Quality". Watch the video to hear more. Learn...

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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Nurse Next Door of Dallas NW


Kristin Sines, Owner of Nurse Next Door of Dallas NW, and Director of Happier Aging along with Michelle Duncan, Home Care Coordinator join Seniors Blue Book Publisher, Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN in this Senior Care Spotlight.  Learn more about Nurse Next Door  • How Nurse Next Door's services work...

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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Home Care Assistance Denton County


Kare Works presents Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight with Home Care Assistance of Denton County. Welcome to Tamika Jackson, Administrator/Client Care Manager with Home Care Assistance of Denton County. She shares information about Home Care Assistance and the services they are offering during...

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Introducing the Dementia Friendly America Project


 According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it is anticipated that by 2050, 14 million Americans will be living with some form of dementia. Every area in the country will be affected… including Adams and York Counties in “gray state” Pennsylvania. In 2018 Jennifer Holcomb, Director of Memory Support...

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Being Your Own Advocate


Its hard understanding and keeping up with everything – it’s overwhelming.  You have to take responsibility for your medical care because no one else will.  YOU are your own best advocate. Here’s what you need to know: Know Your Medications Know your own body and the way you react to certain drugs....

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‘Veterans Program’ Anyone?  Questions to Ask Any Non-Medical Home Care Agency.

Denver, CO

Does your agency utilize an existing VA benefit called ‘Aid & Attendance’?  Some agencies offer help to Veterans but it’s mostly just gathering paperwork necessary for the A&A... and that’s it!  Care typically doesn’t start until the VA pays the agency, which can take months with those agencies unfamiliar...

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I Didn’t Know, But I Was Ready!

Denver, CO

It was June 23, 2005, on my 39th birthday and we were in the office of A.A.C Adoption & Family Network in Berthoud, Colorado with my two boys ages 6 and 7 and my husband. We were looking into adopting a girl when I got a call from my sister: “Mom has had a massive stroke and she is in the intensive care...

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Do You Need a Home Modification? Here are 4 Signs You Might.

Pueblo, CO

    1.Using Walls or Objects to Balance Unsteadiness can lead to bracing objects, like furniture and walls, it’s common and dangerous. Holding the wall in a stairwell provides little security in the event of a fall. If you notice these behaviors, it may be time to install grab bars or additional interior...

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Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings | From the CDC


Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings, Especially in Areas of Significant Community-Based Transmission. CDC continues to study the spread and effects of the novel coronavirus across the United States.  We now know from recent studies that a significant portion of individuals...

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#SBBCOVID19 | DFW Coronaviris Resources

COVID-19 Resources for the DFW area: Testing the Efficacy of Homemade Masks: Would They Protect in an Influenza Pandemic? Dallas County Dallas Emergency Help COVID-19 Dallas COVID-19 Resources for residents

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What is a "Continuum of Care"?


What is a “Continuum of Care” The phrase “continuum of care has been around for a while – but not all providers are part of a true continuum when it comes to caring for seniors. Most providers involved in a continuum of care system offer opportunities for seniors to remain within a system that provides...

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Family is at the Heart of Aging in Place

Everyone should be able to receive the care they need to stay in the place they love — home. And family members will enjoy peace of mind knowing their elderly loved ones are receiving the right services to help them age in place, safely and independently. Lee Health’s Senior Care Choices can provide...

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Welcome to Care Right, Inc

Do you need guidance with an aging loved one and care decisions? Do you have a Grab and Go binder? Often, caregiving falls on the shoulders of the family members. In time, compassion fatigue is likely to occur because of the overwhelming responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. Family caregivers...

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Life Home Health Creates Moments of Joy

At LIFE Home Health, our vision is to create one million moments of joy in the lives of our clients, employees, and community. We take an integrative approach, spending the time to understand each client’s passion and purpose to guide their plan of care. Our team members are Engagement Specialists...

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Amada Senior Care of Southwest Florida– How to Pay for Senior Care?

We are often asked about payment options for private-duty senior care, which is not covered by health insurance. This is a typical question, since we’re all concerned about protecting our finances. Nevertheless, when the need for help arises, Amada Senior Care can recommend several options. Many...

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Services to Help at Home

Services to Help at Home Services in the home are divided into three kinds. • Home Health Care. This service is provided by nurses and other medical professionals. • Home Care. This service is provided by uncertified staff. • Hospice Care. This service is specifically for persons with a life-limiting...

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How Do I Choose A Homecare Company?

Non-medical homecare can be difficult – asking a stranger to come into your home and provide care for your loved one. It’s even more difficult finding the right agency that you feel you can trust to provide the best care and offer you peace of mind. There are many benefits of using homecare: Keeping...

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What to Do When Your Loved One Needs Long Distance Care

You took that fantastic job offer in another state. Mom and Dad were healthy and fine. Then Dad passed away and now Mom is not doing well on her own. She’s reached an age where daily assistance may be necessary and you’re 1,000 miles away. If this scenario sounds familiar, remote care giving might be...

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Before We Even Knew What It Was . . .

Before AIDS was an officially recognized disease, before HIV was identified as the virus that caused it, and before any healthcare professional understood how HIV/AIDS spread from person to person, VITAS nurses and doctors in the early 1980s and 1990s were on the front line of care for patients who exhibited...

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Older Adults in Dallas


Seniors in Dallas/Fort Worth know they are lucky. Not only is this a great place to live, but here they have the ability to grow old without leaving their own homes or losing their independence due to home care agencies that provide caregivers and care managers based on customized care plans. Nearly...

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Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

It’s very difficult when your loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia because there are so many questions surrounding that news. And now you find yourself in the position of caregiver which can be difficult and overwhelming especially if you’re still working and have a family. One of the most important...

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Could Healthier Sleep Lead to Healthier Weight?

Are you losing sleep because of your weight? For most of us, the answer is “probably.” Is there a link between healthy sleep and healthy weight? Definitely. Sleep disordered breathing, especially obstructive sleep apnea, affects a host of things that sabotage you getting to the healthy weight you’re...

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Your Brain and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss – the subject can invoke a wide spectrum of reactions. From “selective hearing” jokes to a real burden on relationships, working in the Hearing Healthcare field exposes you to them all. But how serious is hearing loss and how important is the need to treat it? There is more and more research...

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What is Homecare? Keeping Seniors Safe, Healthy, Engaged, and Active

Home care provides seniors with the choice to age at home and promotes peace of mind and wellness for family caregivers. For seniors with challenging physical and cognitive impairments who require help with activities of daily living, home care is the solution. But home care also benefits those who are...

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The Comfort Keepers Difference

The importance of hiring a reputable home care agency There are several options when it comes to hiring in-home care, but selecting the right company can sometimes be a challenge. At Comfort Keepers, we pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified employees to deliver exceptional care. Our caregivers,...

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Safety Checks Room by Room

There are many things that we can do to improve the safety for ourselves and for our loved ones. As we walk through the home there are many things to consider. In general, fall hazards can happen in any room. Start with eliminating various trip/fall hazards such as clutter in all sizes, stacks of...

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The Comfort Keepers Difference

The importance of hiring a reputable home care agency There are several options when it comes to hiring in-home care, but selecting the right company can sometimes be a challenge. At Comfort Keepers, we pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified employees to deliver exceptional care. Our caregivers,...

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Shapes, Sizes, and Accessories of Acrylic Showers

So you’ve decided that Acrylic is the right material for your shower. That’s a great start. Now it’s time to take it to the next step, and bring the idea of a brand new shower to life. Regardless of your budget, bathroom size, or layout, there are options out there for you to upgrade or enhance the look...

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Age Safe® at Home

You don’t have to be a Cubs fan to understand the value of being “safe at home.” According to the AARP nearly 90% of older adults want to age-in-place and maintain independence. But here’s the problem: 85% have done nothing to prepare their homes for aging. Approximately one-third of adults age 65 years...

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Check-Up Time for Consumer Choice & Home-Based Care

According to a recent study by Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA), “consumer choice”---your choice---is now a primary force changing healthcare in America. Today’s consumers are more savvy and skeptical. You want to know what you’re getting for your money. You also expect user-friendly interfaces,...

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What is Supports Coordination – How can it Help our Family?

Nobody prepares you to watch your loved ones get older. As our lives become busier and more hectic, theirs are slowing down. Health conditions and physical limitations may bring new challenges to them, and they begin to struggle to remain independent. As members of our families age, they have needs that...

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Struggling with Sleep Apnea?

Are you or a loved one struggling with a CPAP to treat obstructive sleep apnea? The sad truth is that many people who have had CPAP therapy prescribed to treat their obstructive sleep apnea are unable or unwilling to wear their CPAP every night for their entire length of sleep. While some patients are...

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Can You Benefit From A Geriatric Care Manager?

Aging presents a new set of challenges for many as they experience physical and cognitive changes. There are a myriad of options available to meet ones changing needs; however, trying to navigate and make the best decisions can be an overwhelming task. This, coupled with the fact that time and resources...

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Private Duty Nursing: Meeting the Needs in Our Community

Private duty nursing is the care of individuals of every age; from newborn infants born prematurely or with neonatal health issues to our senior citizens who after many years of productive lives need assistance with the most basic tasks of living. Although we use the term nursing, private duty care...

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Why Seniors Love Landlines

You May Not Use a Landline, But Grandma Loves Hers. Smartphones impact us all in today’s society. However, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 77% of seniors over 65 continue to use landline phones. Why do they hold on to this seemingly outdated technology? Let’s look at some...

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Home Care: A Valuable, Affordable Solution for America’s Aging Seniors

By the year 2020, 56 million Americans will be aged 65 and older; by 2050, that number will reach 84 million. At the same time, the number of potential family caregivers is decreasing due to demographic shifts and the increasing distance between seniors and their families. Therefore, more people may...

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Private Duty Home Care

Home Care – We understand that budget is a primary consideration when you are making arrangements for home care. We also know that you want the best for your loved ones. Let us help a little bit. Here a list of things to consider when you’re shopping around: Before you make your first phone call,...

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PA Link Working for You

The mission of the PA Link to Aging and Disability Resources is to improve access to long term services and supports for individuals, their loved ones and caregivers, regardless of age, income, or ability, through an integrated network of partner agencies committed to expanding the use of community based...

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How Do I Choose a Homecare Company?

Non-medical homecare can be difficult – asking a stranger to come into your home and provide care for your loved one. It’s even more difficult finding the right agency – a reputable one that you feel you can trust to provide the best care and offer you peace of mind. There are many benefits of using...

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Home Care vs. Home Health … What’s the Difference?

For aging and homebound individuals, home is the best place to remain as functional and independent as possible, with the highest degree of security, comfort, and dignity. When individuals hear the words home care and home health, some mistakenly think the two are synonymous, however, home care and...

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Stairs a Problem? Consider These Questions.

Are you, or someone you know, having difficulty getting up and down stairs? A stairlift could be the solution, but it’s important ask the right questions! For many seniors, continuing to enjoy life in the place they’ve come to call “home” is a high priority. However, if stairs are a problem, the prospect...

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