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Pastoral Care: Healing the Spirit When the Body is Beyond Repair


For patients and their families, a terminal diagnosis can produce spiritual pains that physicians can’t treat.  VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care since 1978, employs a chaplain on every interdisciplinary team to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and...

VITAS Honors Veterans, Past, Present and Future


At the end of life, every patient has different needs, goals and wishes. When that patient is a veteran, providing appropriate care requires insight into the challenges they face throughout life, not only at its end. VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, understands that...

Easing the Journey with Supportive Care

Boulder, CO

Palliative (pal-lee-uhtiv) care is a medical specialty for people of any age living with a chronic or serious illness. It is sometimes referred to as “supportive care.” The focus of palliative medicine is relieving pain and distressing symptoms, providing resources and helping patients and families plan...

Trying to Understand Hospice!

Fort Collins, CO

HOSPICE! Just the mention of the word creates fear and anxiety! Not long ago, this author had to wrestle with understanding, not only the definition of HOSPICE, but the ramifications as well! My amazing Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Seemingly overnight, my family and I were challenged to learn...

Hospice Aides and Nursing Assistants: On the Front Lines of Healthcare


When seniors’ health issues or functional capabilities worsen as they age, it’s entirely likely that they will require more care at home, whether they live in an assisted living center or nursing home, or whether they receive care from a hospice provider. It’s also quite possible that the majority of...

Round-the-Clock Hospice Care Keeps Patients and Families at Home — and out of the Hospital

Seniors have more housing options than ever, from the booming tiny house market to roommates and retirement communities. Senior living communities, however, remain a popular choice. Family members who provide hospice care to a loved one at home can experience emotions and encounters that range from...

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