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Osteoporosis – Prevention and Management


Like other organs in the body, bones are constantly changing. Throughout childhood and as young adults, bones grow in strength and in size. Around the age of 30, bones reach their peak strength and then naturally become weaker with age.  Osteoporosis affects one in every four adults and is a condition...

Health Benefits of Gardening for Older Adults


There is a basic human feeling when planting seeds or bulbs — a sense of accomplishment and a state of deep peace. However, gardening not only feels good, but it is also good for you. In addition to growing nutritious fruits and vegetables, here are some of the other health benefits of gardening. ...

Safer Senior Living Options

For seniors looking for safer living options, one call for patients or family members can connect you to a professional who can guide, educate, consult, and advise on best options for seniors. CarePatrol is a free community service representing private pay options for seniors who are looking for safer...

Is This Place Any Good?


With lots of choices for senior care in the valley, how do you know which places provide good care? Fancy brochures and friendly marketers can make it difficult to make that determination. As someone who does this full time, I want to help you learn one way I use to measure quality of care in an assisted...

Eating Right is the Best Medicine for your Health

Boise , ID

Your body needs a balanced diet of nutrients to keep a healthy weight to stay active and free to fully enjoy life. As you age, your metabolism slows down and needs fewer calories. Your body also needs more of certain nutrients, so it’s more important than ever to choose foods that give you the best nutritional...

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