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How Are You Going To Pay For “That”?

Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Charlie. His brother James has Alzheimer’s and needed a memory care facility. They are very close and when it comes to James’ care, the prospect of compromising care because of James’ limited income was not an option. Funds to pay for the care James needed was a real concern solved by getting information...

The Need for a Professional Fiduciary

Boulder, CO

Through the course of your life, you work hard to build your assets. You spend a substantial amount of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears to build up a foundation you can be proud of. While life certainly doesn’t just revolve around money, one of your biggest accomplishments is seeing all the hard...

How to Preserve Assets When Faced With Long Term Care Costs

Boulder, CO

Meet Charlie and Fran. They have three children, 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren…so far! They have hopes and dreams for their future generations and have worked hard to ensure their legacy is passed on. As they age, they realize that if either one of them needs Long Term Care, that their property...

Success in Retirement Often Depends Upon Having Options

Fort Collins, CO

Want to Stay in Place? - Typically, the home is one of your largest assets. It is often overlooked when seeking ways to fund retirement. I will help you determine if a Reverse Mortgage will enhance your retirement. For many retirees it provides both financial security and peace of mind. It is a safe...

FHA Lifts Ban On Non FHA Approved Condos For Future HECM Loans.

Fort Collins, CO

The Door Opens For Spot Approvals For Reverse Mortgage Financing. As the HECM loan, known by most as the reverse mortgage, gains momentum in our industry, there has always been one insurmountable wall that continued to prevent seniors from enjoying the home of their choice – the Non FHA approved Condo...

Considering the Rising Cost of College, Is It Worth Going Back to School?

For some seniors, college was a long time ago, and the last thing they’re thinking about is going back. The idea of continuing to learn is attractive; constantly changing industries can make going back to college a necessary move. Regardless of age, college can improve your career options. It can also...

What is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)*?

A HECM reverse mortgage loan is a way to turn a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The proceeds from a reverse mortgage can be used to pay for unexpected expenses, such as nursing home costs or long-term care. It could also provide you with additional cash flow for all the expenses you have....

Is Paying your Property Tax Bill a Hardship?

Senior Citizens having trouble paying real estate taxes can apply for the Senior Citizen Tax Deferral Program. This program allows quali?ed Illinois residents to defer up to $5000 of the property taxes on their personal residence, giving seniors the ?nancial freedom to remain in their own home. Deferred...

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