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Do Current World Events Have You Feeling Anxious or Depressed?

Forget What You Think You Know and the Stereotypes of Marijuana. Social isolation. Concern over the health of loved ones. Worries about money and maybe even losing your job. Top it off with uncertainty about how long all this is going to last. With all the stressors that people have to deal with...

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Lisa Story, Founder of Hope Grows

Hope Grows provides family and professional caregivers to receive counseling, support, and much-needed short breaks. Learn from Lisa about their one of kind approach to wellness, through their variety of programs and initiatives, that manage the physical, psychological, and spiritual stress associated...

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What Is Aging Life Care Management?

An Aging Life Care Professional, also known as a Geriatric Care Manager, is a privately paid specialist who acts as a guide and advocate for families who are caring for older relatives or disabled adults.   The Aging Life Care Professionals of Holistic Aging-Options For Elder Care (HA-OFEC) are college...

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SBB University presents: Home? A Retirement Community? What is the Best Option for Me?

It is important that everyone think ahead and to consider where and how you might like to age.Join SBB University and our panel of experts as we arm you with knowledge on how to evaluate your living situation and make a plan while you are still healthy. Topics of discussion at this informative event...

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What is the Don’t Stop Dreamin’ Program?

Don’t Stop Dreamin’ recognizes that many individuals have unfulfilled dreams and desires. The Don’t Stop Dreamin’ program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides for the fulfillment of DREAMS of Three Rivers Hospice & Quality Life Services entities.  The program started in 2005 for residents...

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Devin Kassi, Family Home Health / Three Rivers Hospice

Learn from Devin what makes Family Home Health and Three Rivers Hospice unique and how they have been supporting their patients, patient families and employees during COVID-19.

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Share Your Story in Six Words

“Student of life. Now a teacher.” Your story is one of a kind. Your wit and wisdom, cultivated and inscribed on every page of your life, is your gift to the world, and it calls out to be shared with family and friends.  Telling your story can be done in many ways: Discussions at dinner, oral-history...

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Morgan Traffican, Residence at Whitehall & Residence at Bethel Park

Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Morgan Traffican, Community Outreach Director for The Residence at Bethel Park and The Residence at Whitehall. With living options to suit your specific needs and activities that you’re sure to love, these are exactly what vibrant, active communities look like.

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The Relief of Hospice: Whole Person and Whole Family Support

When a person is diagnosed with a serious illness, the whole family feels the impact. Roles change. Everyday life is altered as tasks shift toward caregiving and navigating the course of illness. Family caregivers often report uncertainty, fear and fatigue. Some describe feeling at sea in their experience....

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How Does the CARES Act Affect You?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, is a piece of legislation that has been implemented to help aid those who have been financially affected during these unprecedented times. Many of the provisions are specific to retirement accounts. CARES Act changes are: Hardship Loans...

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Caring for You, the Caregiver

It’s Not an Indulgence, It’s a Necessity. According to the National Institute on Aging, taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a caregiver.    If you’ve ever traveled by airplane, you know the flight attendant’s safety instructions always say to place your oxygen...

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Stay Savvy Against COVID-19 Scams

COVID-19 has created a “perfect storm” for scammers to take advantage of ongoing confusion surrounding the situation and people in need.   Better Business Bureau (BBB) research has found that people who are living alone or those feeling isolated from others are more likely to engage with and lose money...

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Connecting with Loved Ones Through Technology

  Social distancing does not have to feel like a jail sentence. But when you are feeling socially isolated and caring for a loved one with dementia, it can certainly feel like it.   How can we navigate the changes in both our lives and theirs? Perhaps your loved one enjoyed attending a group, a center,...

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