Senior Housing

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What is a "Continuum of Care"?


What is a “Continuum of Care” The phrase “continuum of care has been around for a while – but not all providers are part of a true continuum when it comes to caring for seniors. Most providers involved in a continuum of care system offer opportunities for seniors to remain within a system that provides...

Communities Add Healthy and Diverse Living Arrangements for Seniors

     Traditionally, people expected to live in their homes until they could no longer do so, then either stayed with a relative or moved to a nursing home situation. These days, some seniors are looking to alternative ideas, such as community-style arrangements, to help meet the challenges associated...

The Vineyards Memory Care

Grand Junction, CO

Long time Grand Junction resident, Opal Jaquette, is a mom to scores of people around the world. Through her generous spirit, Opal remembered everyone’s special occasions, making her legendary and treasured by all. Opal, with her husband Frank and their two children Mark and Julie, moved to Guam in...

SENIOR LIVING 101: Truth About Costs


WHAT ARE THE MAJOR COSTS? Whether you’re looking for the first time at a long term solution or considering switching to a new facility, be informed about ALL the expenses in any community. The Radcliff wants you to make an informed decision when you are shopping and considering what is the best fit...

9 Benefits of Living in a Senior Living Community


Seniors have more housing options than ever, from the booming tiny house market to roommates and retirement communities. Senior living communities, however, remain a popular choice. What makes these communities so popular? Here are some common reasons. 1. No need for Lawn Care or Home Maintenance....

Knowing Your Senior Living Options


As an active older adult, your retirement lifestyle should be defined by choice. Independent living is for seniors who are able to live on their own, but want the convenience of life enrichment activities, social programs, restaurant-style dining, home maintenance and housekeeping, transportation, security,...

Creating Age-Friendly Communities A Call to Action


Age-friendly communities enhance the quality of life for community members of every age. Baby boomers and Millennial's want affordable housing options, accessible transportation, work and volunteer opportunities in the communities where they live. Both age groups also want walk-able, neighborhoods that...

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