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Emergency Planning

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Bridges Community Home Health and Hospice is dedicated to keeping our patients on track with their recovery and comfort, even when unexpected events or emergencies interrupt our staff’s routine.

We consider the individual health of each patient and their ability to cope with a specific circumstance or potentially evacuate their home entirely. We also acknowledge the importance of keeping our own staff, who could face risks to their own health and safety during a serious emergency.

Our internal emergency planning is coordinated with the individuals, families and communities we serve to ensure a seamless plan of action is laid out and the appropriate measures are taken in a timely manner as they are needed.

Planning for a Health Care Emergency with Briges Home Care Colorado

Here are just a few ways we address certain emergency events:

Accountability Call System

Should an emergency occur in the region or community where a patient resides, you can rest assured knowing our team has already been in direct contact to confirm their safety and well-being. If weather conditions or other travel hazards prevent our staff from safely making a routine visit, we immediately reach out to all affected patients and their caregivers to confirm their safety and identify the potential for any additional risks, like a power outage.

Our emergency communication plan prioritizes transparency for patients and their loved ones, and helps our team identify which additional measures could be necessary.

Tailored Contingency Planning

Because our home health services are delivered on an individualized basis, we have created specific contingency plans for different home environments that consider each patients level of independence and what type of supervision or assistance they have access to. In a community environment, there might be several individuals affected by one sudden event or emergency, though not all will face an equal risk.

When we reach out to a community to confirm patient well-being, we are diligent to confirm, and in some cases prioritize, the status of individuals who may have less ability to move on their own or even communicate with staff. It is in these rare cases that your care team must be prepared to go above and beyond to advocate for those who may not be in a position to do so themselves.

Additional Supplies

The last thing we want you to worry about during an emergency is whether you or your loved one has access to the resources they need to stay safe and healthy. Should a situation prevent a regular visit or service, our patients and their families can rest assured knowing our team has already considered this rare circumstance and have provided patients with the equipment, treatment supplies and instruction they may need.

Ongoing Training

Every provider, caregiver, volunteer and staff member at Bridges Community Home Health and Hospice is trained on our complete emergency preparedness system as a condition of joining our team. In addition to understanding our own internal plan and system, they must also know the details and plans already in place at the communities or facilities where their patients are staying. Staff go through additional training every year to refresh and update their knowledge on our safety procedures and the communities we serve.

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