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How Can a Rehabilitation Hospital Help You and Your Family?

Deciding on care for a loved one with serious medical conditions can be confusing. In south central Pennsylvania, rehabilitation hospitals offer patients opportunities to move toward wellness and independence.

An inpatient rehabilitation hospital provides physical medicine as well as rehabilitation programs and services. These hospitals offer advanced treatment tailored to each patient’s goals. Patients who may benefit from this type of care include those with some of the following conditions: • Fractures, joint replacements, musculoskeletal injuries • Stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Guillain-Barré syndrome and other neurological disorders • Amputation • Cardiovascular and/or respiratory conditions (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, pulmonary embolism), diabetes, renal failure When considering inpatient rehabilitation hospital options, look for programs that offer: • Body Weight Supported Gait and Balance – This program eliminates the risk and fear of falling while training the patient to begin walking and balance activities. • Neuro Aquatics – Patients take advantage of water’s buoyancy to help regain movement, strength and the ability to walk. • Neuro Vision – Working alongside a neuro-optometrist, therapists utilize techniques, including prism therapy, to decrease vision and spatial awareness deficits and speed recovery. • Neuro Cognition/Language – Evaluation and treatment are used to train, improve and resolve difficulties in comprehension, speaking and complex problem solving. • Home Life Program – Using a home-like setting, patients fully engage in activities of daily living, enhancing their ability to care for themselves and others. • Dysphagia Programing – This therapy may include a swallowing study to assess and develop strategies and exercises to combat muscle loss. Some patients benefit from low-level electrical muscle stimulation. All of these programs are available at the Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital, a Certified Stroke Center. Let us help restore strength, improve physical and cognitive function and promote independence following a serious injury or illness. _____________________________ Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Sam Barbush, Director of Business Development at the Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital.

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