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How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe in the Bathroom

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Falls are one of the leading concerns for older adults. Often, falls are caused by conditions such as lower body weakness, difficulties with walking and balance. There are easy solutions for ensuring greater safety in the bathroom. Conducting a home evaluation and considering these safety ideas can reduce the chance of falling.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are a vital bathroom safety product. Too many older adults will use towel bars for balance and stability. However, the towel bars fail since they aren’t designed to hold a person’s weight.  Grab bars are designed to be strong and sturdy, allowing older adults to maintain and regain balance. Ideal installation locations include inside and outside the shower, by the toilet, and near the sink.

Purchase A Shower Chair

A shower chair can be a valuable investment for seniors.  This chair allows the bather to sit while still being able to bathe. This is a relatively inexpensive bathroom product that can help prevent falling in the shower.

Consider A Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower may require significant bathroom modifications, so it’s important to evaluate current and future needs before investing in one. Walk-in showers are built with a lower threshold, so older adults do not need to step as high to get in and out of the tub, decreasing the risk of losing their balance and falling. An anti-slip shower pan is an important feature since many traditional bathtubs do not include them. If an adult is becoming more limited in mobility with age, then it may be time to consider a walk-in shower.

Other Bathroom Safety Products to Consider

Other common bathroom safety products include adding super poles, night lights, anti-slip bathmats, and more. There are many solutions that can help your loved ones stay safe in the bathroom.

Bathroom safety must be a priority for caregivers of older adults. Most slip-and-fall accidents occur in the bathroom, and most of them are preventable. Having a professional evaluation is a great first step towards increased safety at home.

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