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Dec 19, 2023


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Have you ever stood in the grocery aisle trying to decide which cereal, soup or cookie to put in your cart? Alternatively, have you felt stuck trying to choose a film to watch or purchase something online?

You may be experiencing what experts call “choice overload.” This syndrome can hinder your decision-making skills and even provoke anxiety, feelings of helplessness and fatigue. According to an article written by Nathan Paulus, choice overload or over-choice is the “unfavorable effect of having too many alternatives.” (1)

Research gives credence to this theory. In 2000, a study by Iyengar & Lepper presented some shoppers with six simple choices of jam and others with 24 more extravagantly displayed ones. The shoppers with only six choices were more easily able to make a decision and final purchase.

Battling choice overload is something we all have to face, at least in certain areas. Fortunately, there are ways to help manage it. Consider these tips:

–Shopping: Write down a list of items you need and stick to your list.

–New product inquiries:  identify your top requirements (e.g., color, speed, availability) and limit yourself to 2 -3 brands that align with those priorities.

–To dos: create a manageable schedule for tasks and follow it; you can even add them to your calendar with days in between. Our past blog has more information on this topic!

–Bills: Depending on your income flow, automate them or pay the day they arrive

Along with these practical steps, you can improve your socio-emotional strength by:

–Making important decisions when you feel most rested

–Avoiding extreme hunger when purchasing food

–Giving yourself permission to ask for help from shopkeepers or family members

–Having confidence –once you make a choice, don’t second guess yourself

At Kavod Senior Life, we aim to provide balanced choices to promote a comfortable way of life. Our dining selections are varied, but simple. Our trips and activities are timed so they don’t compete with each other.  Many services, clinics and health options are offered multiple days, or have providers that can work with your schedule, such as our onsite rehab, salon services, mental health counseling, and more. We have four care coordinators on staff who can help assist with resources and advice.

In Assisted Living, decisions become even easier with set mealtimes and help with all activities such as bathing, grooming, laundry, medications, wellness checks and so much more. For more information about Assisted Living, contact Melanie at or check out website

Next time you feel overwhelmed by choice overload, take a deep breath, try to remember these tips, and know you possess all the skills you need to make great decisions and move forward. Living at Kavod may help, so contact us information, a tour or a friendly face to say hello or call us for more information,303-399-1146.

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Does Medicaid pay for Assisted Living? Medicaid is funded in part by the federal government and in part by the states. If you are confused about Medicaid, you arent alone. The Federal and State government are continuously changing rules surrounding healthcare, making it difficult for many people to know if they are using the correct information and making the right choices. Below, weve gathered some of the main benefits and drawbacks as well as some links to our vetted resources. Or, feel free to give our team at Stacys Helping Hand, Inc a call at the number above if you would like a Denver assisted living expert to help provide some clarity.Does Medicaid Pay for Assisted LivingIn Colorado, you can apply directly to Medicaid on your own, or you can choose to get Medicaid through the PACE program. In the Denver area, the program is called the InnovAge Greater Colorado PACE. We recommend utilizing InnovAge if the centers are conveniently located due to the fact that many of the assisted living facilities that dont accept Medicaid will accept payments through InnovAge. The drawback is that InnovAge centers are in limited zip codes and require that you go through their network of experts. For difficult cases, you might need to talk to a local medicaid expert.Medicaid BenefitsIf you have limited assets, low income and you need help paying for nursing home or assisted living care, Medicaid might help you pay for part of your care. Nursing home and assisted living services are considered types of long-term care. Long-term care consists of not just medical services, but also personal services. For example, a resident in a nursing home might pay for assistance with bathing and dressing in addition to medical treatment. Medicaid rules for long-term care are significantly different in many ways than their rules for other services.Medicaid DrawbacksMedicaid may not be the best source of funding for assisted living depending on your situation. The first questions most often asked is whether Medicare will pay for assisted living. The answer is no. Medicare is strictly health insurance. Long Term Care Medicaid pays about 30% less than whats needed for most assisted living costs. Medicaid will cover up to $2250 a month at most.Since Medicaid reimbursement rates for assisted living facilities are not high, many assisted living communities dont accept Medicaid. The ones that do are often shared living communities. Also, given the limited range of services for which Medicaid provides assistance and the enrollment caps and waiting lists for Medicaid waivers, many families might benefit by finding affordable assisted living outside of the Medicaid system.EligibilityFor those who need help with assisted living in Denver, adults without dependent children whose household income does not exceed 133% Federal Poverty Level can apply here and will also need to apply for an Elderly Blind and Disabled Waiver (EBD Waiver). If they already have Colorado Medicaid Insurance, then they would apply for the Medicaid EBD Waiver. This waiver is what will contribute to covering the costs of assisted living.Weve written in more depth about the financial eligibility aspects of Long Term Care Medicaid (EBD Waiver) in Paying for Assisted Living Facilities: Spend Downs. In a nutshell, Long Term Care Medicaid requires you to contribute most of your income for room and board when you are living in an assisted living and the EBD Waiver will supplement the facility for your care. You are allowed to keep a small fixed amount of money as a personal needs allowance to pay for snacks, clothing and personal products.There are spousal protection rules, but if you need that much detail, wed recommend talking to a local expert. You can give us a call at Stacys Helping Hand, Inc at 720-248-7758

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Kavod Assisted Living

Assisted Living 22 South Adams Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Kavod Assisted Living offers private, one bedroom and studio apartments with basic pricing less than $50,000 a year! We only require a one-year spend down to Medicaid on most units. We also offer fee-based support with three additional services: escorts, incontinence care and oxygen management. Some of our highlights include being pet-friendly, having ALL activities included in our pricing, providing an on-site health & wellness center with rehab & geriatric doctors, and more. Our beautiful Cherry Creek location can't be beat! We've been in operation for over 50 years and serve individuals of every faith, background and tradition - you will love our welcoming atmosphere! We look forward to your calls, questions and visits. 

Kavod Senior Life

Affordable-Subsidized 22 South Adams Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Kavod Senior Life is open and welcoming to all community members who qualify and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or familial status. We have 358 HUD-subsidized apartments available to rent for individuals 62+ (head of household); other family members welcome . Our apartment sizes range between 373 (studio) and 590 square feet (large one bedroom).Residents are obligated to participate in a meal program, which includes six meals each week (dinner M-F and brunch on Sunday). A subsidy is available, exemptions are considered and SNAP benefits will be accepted soon.Rents are calculated based on an applicants total adjusted income.Rent pricing covers electric and water utilities. Applications are available through the website/in our main lobby open 24/7, or contact us to have one faxed, mailed or emailed. Language assistance is available for application completion. Currently there is a waitlist for our subsidized apartments; call to receive an estimate of our current wait time at 303.399.1146. On site amenities include activities, trips (to grocery stores and social outings), health classes and services, music, art, gardening, tech support, free wi fi, computer bank, library, active resident council and more. 

Kavod Senior Life

Independent Living 22 South Adams Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments, located in the vibrant Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, offer an exceptional living experience for seniors seeking independence, comfort, and community. This esteemed senior living community combines modern amenities with a warm, welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for active seniors who value their independence while enjoying access to a range of supportive services and engaging activities.Prime Location in Cherry CreekCherry Creek is one of Denver's most desirable neighborhoods, known for its upscale shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions. Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments benefit from this prime location, providing residents with easy access to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, renowned restaurants, art galleries, and beautiful parks. The neighborhood's walkability and extensive public transportation options ensure that residents can explore Denver and its surroundings with ease.Comfortable and Modern Living SpacesKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments are designed to offer comfort, convenience, and style. The apartments come in various floor plans, including studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom options, catering to different lifestyle needs and preferences. Each apartment features modern amenities such as full kitchens with updated appliances, spacious living areas, ample storage, and private balconies or patios with picturesque views of the surrounding area.The apartments are also designed with seniors in mind, featuring safety enhancements like grab bars in bathrooms, emergency call systems, and easily accessible layouts to ensure a secure living environment. These thoughtful design elements enable residents to maintain their independence while having peace of mind.Community Amenities and ServicesKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments offer a wealth of amenities that promote a healthy, active, and social lifestyle. The on-site amenities include:Fitness Center: A well-equipped fitness center with senior-friendly exercise equipment and regular fitness classes to help residents stay active and healthy.Dining Services: An on-site dining room that serves nutritious and delicious meals, catering to various dietary needs and preferences.Library and Computer Center: A quiet and comfortable space for reading, as well as access to computers and the internet for staying connected with family and friends.Arts and Crafts Room: A dedicated space for creative activities, allowing residents to explore their artistic talents.Outdoor Spaces: Beautifully landscaped gardens, walking paths, and outdoor seating areas where residents can relax and enjoy the fresh air.Social and Recreational Activities: A robust calendar of events, including movie nights, game nights, holiday celebrations, and outings to local attractions, ensures there is always something fun and engaging to do.Health and Wellness ServicesAt Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments, the well-being of residents is a top priority. The community offers a range of health and wellness services, including:On-Site Health Clinic: Access to healthcare professionals for routine check-ups, health screenings, and consultations.Wellness Programs: Regularly scheduled wellness programs and workshops on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health.Transportation Services: Scheduled transportation for medical appointments, shopping trips, and other errands, making it easy for residents to access necessary services.A Strong Sense of CommunityOne of the standout features of Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments is the strong sense of community that pervades the environment. The staff at Kavod Senior Life are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where residents feel valued and connected. Social events and activities are designed to bring people together, encouraging friendships and a sense of belonging.Residents can participate in a variety of clubs and interest groups, such as book clubs, gardening clubs, and volunteer opportunities, allowing them to pursue their passions and contribute to the community. The community also celebrates various cultural and religious events, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of its residents.Affordable and Flexible Living OptionsKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments strive to provide affordable living options for seniors. The community offers a range of pricing plans and financial assistance programs to accommodate different budgets and financial situations. This commitment to affordability ensures that more seniors can enjoy the high-quality living experience that Kavod Senior Life offers.Testimonials and Resident ExperiencesResidents and their families consistently praise Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments for its excellent facilities, supportive staff, and vibrant community life. Testimonials often highlight the friendly atmosphere, the wide range of activities, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is always available if needed.One resident shared, "Moving to Kavod Senior Life was the best decision I ever made. The community here is wonderful, and there's always something fun to do. I love my apartment, and the staff are like family."ConclusionKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado, offer an exceptional living environment for seniors seeking a balance of independence and community support. With its prime location, modern living spaces, extensive amenities, and commitment to health and wellness, Kavod Senior Life provides an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. Whether you're looking for a vibrant social life, access to top-notch healthcare, or simply a comfortable and secure place to call home, Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments are an excellent choice for seniors in Denver.