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I’m Ready to Sell My House – Where Do I Begin?

Making the decision to move, whether downsizing to a smaller home or moving to one of the many beautiful retirement communities in the area, the process can be both exciting and stressful at the same time.

With so many things to consider….“What will I do with all of my stuff”, “What is my home worth in today’s market”, “Who will help me” the next logical question becomes “Where will I begin”? Scott and Kelli Nold’s personal experiences with transitioning their own parents from hundreds of miles away left much to be desired and they immediately recognized the need for a very well thought out and efficiently organized transition plan in our local market. They needed a local Realtor, mover, clean-out and hauling services, liquidation services, landscapers, a handyman… and the list went on. The countless tasks involved were time-consuming and stressful. There was not a single person/organization in the area that could provide intelligent answers. There are many challenges, emotions, and legal issues that can accompany transitioning and moving, and the unfamiliarity with the process only compounded the stress. Based upon this experience, the Nold’s immediately forged a complete service plan to provide their transitioning clients with advice and resources tailored to fit each of their personal objectives, as opposed to simply one-size-fits-all suggestions that some others offer. Getting the best advice possible at the start makes all the difference. All clients will have access to market research and experience-based analysis and are provided with several possible outcomes and opportunities for diversification by representatives who are willing to put their years of experience to work for you to help you to make prudent financial decisions. From “Clean-out to Close”, The Nold Group’s well-established, full service Real Estate sales team is designed to address any challenges and keep you fully informed throughout all aspects of the transaction. Rest assured you will receive straightforward and timely answers throughout the process from people who have walked in your shoes and will advocate for your needs. Editor’s Note: Article provided by the Nold Group, Scott and Kelli Nold. They can be reached at 941-400-6877. Visit us online at

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