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In-Home Healthcare May Be the Secret To Keeping Seniors In Their Home Longer

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In Utah, family caregivers are the backbone of caregiving. Every child wants to help their aging parents live a comfortable life while staying in their home, but is it really possible?

Aging is a fact of life. When our parents are in good health, we rarely worry about the effects of aging.  However, there comes a time when the effect of aging is evident and aging seniors may need more support to keep them living in their home.

Healthcare providers often hear from seniors…

“I want to stay in my own home.”

This makes sense because they have worked their whole lives to own their homes.  They have raised families there and this is where they feel most comfortable. 

There may also be fear about living in a new place with a group of people they don’t know. Those who take advantage of in-home heath care services, are able to stay in their own homes 52% longer than those without in-home healthcare.    

Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. More people are in the home checking on seniors more frequently to make sure they are safe and doing well.
  2. In-home doctors help evaluate changes in health conditions sooner.
  3. In-home safety assessments identify potential dangers like loose rugs and carpeting, poorly placed furniture or clutter, and provide proper safety equipment for cooking and bathing.
  4. Modern technology has helped to assist healthcare in many positive ways using devices like doorbells and motion detection cameras. Additionally, remote patient monitoring devices detect health issues like blood pressure and weight changes. 
  5. Assistance with medication including pharmacy pre-packaging, medication delivery, and support to ensure that patients are taking their prescriptions as prescribed.
  6. In-home physical and occupational therapy to help keep seniors active and independent.

Professional in-home healthcare empowers your aging loved one by maintaining their independence!

Editor’s note – The article was submitted by Brandi Lloyd BSN, RN, a care-navigation specialist at AMG Senior Medical Group