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Medical Social Services

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Healthcare can be perplexing, confusing and even overwhelming at times. It isn’t always clear which services are available to you and how they could impact your quality of life. At Bridges Community Home Health and Hospice, we believe advocacy and transparency are a fundamental right for everyone in our care.

Along with the care services and support provided through your professional care team, our healthcare social workers provide additional coordination to help you understand your treatment plan and the options available to you beyond your health needs.

Coordination of Services

Our healthcare social workers coordinate the various services you may need to enjoy life in your home. Do you need special equipment like a hospital bed, wheelchair, or shower bench? While that equipment will come directly from a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier, our social workers work with you to ensure it all happens. Are you thinking about assisted living or do you have a need for a surgery and temporary inpatient stay in a rehab facility? Our social workers can educate you on your options and help you coordinate that care.

Find Funding Sources

Are you worried about how you’ll pay for the care you need? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the costs of assisted living or wonder how you’ll pay for a rehab stay in a skilled nursing facility. The social workers at Bridges Community Home Health and Hospice are experts in understanding sources of funding and can help you find ways to pay for your healthcare. Schedule a meeting with one of our social workers to learn more about the different options you have.

Resource Support

Let’s face it: there can be a lot of hoops to jump through when you need healthcare. That’s another reason you need an advocate. Bridges social workers can help you fill out paperwork and make sure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.

Caregiver and Family Support

As a caregiver are you overwhelmed with all the things you need to do to care for your loved one? We know it can be overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here—to help make it easier. You’re probably not aware of all the services that can help you in your role. Many of those services are paid for by insurance and some services are offered free by the community. Don’t despair. Make an appointment with one of our healthcare social workers and let us make life easier.

Psychosocial Assessment and Interventions

Body and mind. Mind and spirit. At Bridges we’re not only concerned with your physical health—we’re concerned with your mental and social health too. As human beings, we all need healthy thinking, healthy relationships and healthy bodies. Our social workers can provide assessments that give important insights into your mental and social health—and they can help you find resources for support so you can find and keep the joy of living.

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