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My Journey With Dementia

Denver, CO
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Early in her 50”s something seemed “off” with my wife. She would often become forgetful.  It would take me several years to realize this “forgetfulness” wasn’t going to go away.  After a diagnosis of early-onset dementia how could I know then that I was in for a fifteen year journey of exhaustion, confusion, hopelessness and hard suffering while losing my companion to this disease. As it became unsafe for her to live at home and I was far beyond exhaustion, I was surprised to find her “happy” when we placed her in a Senior Memory Care Community. During the journey I would say to the kids, “there ought to be someone to help us with this”.  Years later I discovered Senior Placement Services.  It was too late for my journey but it’s not too late for yours!  The service is FREE!  Don’t wait for a crisis; plan ahead! They will help you navigate the overwhelming, complex process to “find the right fit” for your loved one. 

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Walt and Britt Roberson of Harmony Senior Referrals. They may be reached at  303-667-2420


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