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Our mission at Ivy Cottage

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We believe in the importance of family. We strive to make every   individual feel valued and to meet their spiritual, physical, emotional and   practical daily needs. Spiritually we provide opportunities to attend church   regularly; we also do weekly bible study at our facility. We respect each person’s religion and those who chose not to believe. Physically we provide
healthy home-cooked meals. We provide opportunities to use our exercise equipment within a safe environment, we go for walks and hikes in our beautiful mountains. Emotionally we take advantage of the counseling services in our   community. We believe in the importance of activities that enrich our lives and   provide activities geared to the individual’s interest. We believe in   animal/pet therapy, we have house pets and visiting animals. We encourage   setting goals and help our residents meet those goals whether it is to earn a GED, gain employment, volunteer jobs and more. Our staff believes in giving back to our community and building strong bonds with each other by doing fund raisers as a team.  Practically we provide compassionate care every day in a small family environment consisting of residents ages 20-95.
We provide medication management, cleaning and laundry services, healthy meals, snacks and more. We believe that life isn’t over because you need assistance. We will keep our residents involved, mentally stimulated and encourage them to meet their goals and work through their challenges while loving them right where they are.   

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