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Poll Finds Alzheimer's Family Caregivers Experience Loneliness

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Family caregivers whose loved one is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia may feel that they never have a moment to themselves—and yet, they may also feel quite isolated. In a poll of these caregivers conducted by AARP, more than half reported that their social life had suffered, and 45% said they feel lonely. They also reported feeling a sense of distance from other family members, and even from their loved one with dementia as time changed their relationship. 

This can affect caregivers’ well-being in many ways. Isolation and loneliness are linked with poor physical and mental health, and even raise the risk of dementia. During the pandemic, caregivers have been even more stressed, wondering if they are able to provide the best care for their loved one. 

It’s important for families to consider their options and to seek help. Look into assistance options from family, friends and local support services. In many cases, choosing a memory care community can be a great help for both the person with memory loss and their families, providing an appropriate environment for the person and allowing family to focus on their relationship with their loved one while taking care of their own health.

 Western Slope Memory Care serves as an extension of your family. Visit the Western Slope Memory Care website to learn how our highly trained staff provide enrichment and supervision in an environment where resident experience a sense of independence in safe surroundings.

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