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Seniors and Healthy Living

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It is a well known fact that physical health is of the utmost importance in one’s day to day lifestyle. And this is a fact that applies on an incredibly important level in terms of seniors and their own personal well-being. In this brief article will we be discussing the differences of physical activity and exercise as well as how exactly seniors can take their lives and health into their own hands by easily incorporating physical fitness into their active lifestyles! 

To start, it is important to be as active as physically possible. While regular daily fitness is of the utmost importance, for some this may actually be very difficult to achieve. Regular physical activity as well as exercise are vital to one’s physical and mental health states, this is increasingly accurate for older adults. Being physically active and regular exercise can in turn promote long-term health benefits. Physical fitness can also improve levels of health for some older people who already have disabilities and diseases. This is precisely why health experts assertain that older adults should aim to be as active as they possibly can. 

Physical Activity and Exercise

Though physical activity and exercise are among the healthiest things we can do for ourselves, some older adults are reluctant to exercise due to difficulties. Many are fearful that exercise will be too hard on their bodies or that physical activity can actually harm them. Many additionally feel that they must join a gym or require some form of special equipment. However, many studies have shown that being inactive is incredibly risky. Mainly due to the fact that older adults lessen their ability to do certain physical activities on their own. This does not just happen because we grow older, it occurs because we become inactive. A lack of physical activity in our daily lives may also lead to more frequent visits to the doctor, increased hospitalizations, and higher doses of medicines for a variety of illnesses. 

Researchers have additionally found that by staying physically active and incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle can in fact assist in the prevention and delay of countless diseases and disabilities. In many particular cases, exercise is has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for several chronic conditions. Studies have additionally shown that people who suffer from arthritis, heart disease, and even diabetes have benefited from regular exercise. Exercise and physical activity can also assist those with high blood pressure, balance problems, and difficulty walking. 

Moderate regular exercise and physical activity may additionally assist in managing your stress levels while also improving your mood. Being (and staying) active on a regular basis may also help to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. Recent studies have also shown that regular exercise and physical activity can significantly improve and maintain various aspects of one’s cognitive function. For example, your ability to quickly shift between different tasks, planning an activites, and even ignoring irrelevant information.

Differences Between Physical Activity and Exercise

Many people are curious as to what exactly the differences are between physical activity and exercise. Physical activities are activities which put your body in motion. This can be in the way of basically anything that encourages movement in your body; gardening, walking your dog, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, all of these are great and very simple activities that can be incorporated into your day to day lifestyle. Exercise is simply a step-up from physical activity. Exercise is something that is specifically planned, structured, and is repetitive. For instance, weight training, tai chi, or even an aerobics class! 

Including both physical activity and moderate exercise into your everyday life will provide you with some incredible health benefits of which can assist you in both feeling better as well as enjoying a better lifestyle as you age. There are countless benefits for both physical activity as well as exercise, and the best part, is that they are easily accessible to all walks of life and fitness levels. It is not too late to improve your health, mind and body, all it takes is a little bit of time and some planning to ensure you incorporate either option (or both!) into your daily routine. Just remember to never push yourself too hard and always work with your body and fitness level, never against. 

If you need some ideas or motivation to get you started on beginning a new health regimine of which includes physical activity and/or exercise, be sure to explore Discovery Senior Living’s Dimensions Wellness programs for an abundance of programs which will ensure your days are filled with health and happiness while also promoting a healthy lifestyle! 

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