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Taking Technology One Step Further

In a world of fast-paced developments in technology, it’s important for industries to stay informed of new capabilities to remain on the forefront of progress — especially when it comes to health care.

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals of Pittsburgh is no stranger to the benefits technology can bring to patients and their families. Aggressive therapy with the addition of advanced technology can make all the difference in how successfully a patient returns to independence. To maintain its lead in offering the latest technology, HealthSouth has contributed its own revolutionary breakthrough with the engineering and development of the AutoAmbulator. Patients who have experienced a stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other diagnosis resulting in gait deficits can benefit from the AutoAmbulator when it’s added to their rehabilitation program. Even patients with spinal cord injuries from years ago may see amazing results from treatment. Designed by HealthSouth, the AutoAmbulator is a sophisticated technology unparalleled in its ability to help people replicate normal walking patterns. Equipped with numerous safety features, the AutoAmbulator supports the patient while robotics assist the patient’s legs as they walk over a treadmill. Sophisticated programs power the AutoAmbulator through its integrated computer system, while sensors track numerous functions, continuously monitoring and adjusting power and speed according to each patient’s physical requirements. While using the AutoAmbulator, patients can walk because the device holds their body upright while mechanized braces help guide their legs across the treadmill. The system was designed to allow therapists to safely adjust the amount of weight bearing to each patient’s individual rehabilitation plan. Speed of walking can be varied to each patient’s tolerance and gradually increased to reproduce gait patterns that simulate normal walking. To eliminate risk of injury, safety features automatically stop the machine when an adverse event occurs, such as a severe spasm, or if the patient’s foot improperly strikes the treadmill. Some patients use this technology as an inpatient, while others are noticing an improvement in their walking abilities after adding the AutoAmbulator training to their outpatient rehabilitation therapy. Editor’s Note: To learn more about the AutoAmbulator and if could be of benefit to you or someone you know, contact HealthSouth Hospitals of Pittsburgh at 877-937-7342.

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