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The Importance of Financial Self-Care

Windsor, CO

When navigating the world of healthcare, we often find ourselves making daunting financial decisions.  Don’t neglect to care for yourself financially! 

  1. Keep track of expenses. Many retirees are on a fixed income, so tracking outflows is essential.
  2. Let the data complement your emotions. Our emotions can run the gamut, from optimistic and confident to overwhelmed and anxious. Be sure you have accurate numbers for your income, assets, obligations, and expenses to either calm your nerves or inform you of the need for change.
  3. Surround yourself with people you trust. Like a good health team, a good financial team presents the pros and cons of your options.  Make sure your financial team is committed to acting in your best interest, and looking at more than just investment returns.  Build a team of advisors that can model the impact that a given decision will have on your cash flow, taxes, and your heirs. 

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Editor’s Note: Article written by Elisabeth Olson, CLTC, Financial Advisor. She may be reached at 970-484-2425, or by email at:


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