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The Next Evolutionary Step in Total Knee Replacements

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New Total Knee Replacement Technology
Groundbreaking new technology allows surgeons to customize
implant size and fit for each individual patient.

As part of an ongoing commitment to bringing breakthrough medical advancements to the local community, several surgeons in Northern New Jersey are the first to offer customized total knee replacement surgery. Using MRI technology orthopedic surgeons can precisely match the size and position of the knee replacement implants to match the patient’s knee anatomy.

This new “customized” approach enables surgeons to preserve more bone and ligaments, allowing for better results for their total knee replacement patients. Patients have reported a quicker recovery/rehab, and less painful recovery/rehab, increased range of motion, a more “natural” feeling knee and greater ease in performing normal activities such as golfing, biking and gardening shortly after surgery.

Surgeons have also reported less bleeding and shorter operative time or less anesthesia and lower incident of blood transfusions.

“I have seen an improvement in patient outcomes with the new MRI customized approach,” “On average, recovery times have been cut in half, with patients able to walk without assistance in just a few weeks and requiring less physical therapy than in the past. I’ve tried numerous new knee replacement technologies over the past years, including computer-assisted surgical navigation, and in my experience nothing comes close to the results we’ve been able to achieve with this technique.”

 Prior to surgery, an MRI is performed to take very precise measurements of the patient’s knee. Using this information, special cutting guides are created for the surgeon to use during the procedure. These patient-specific cutting guides, which are accurate to within a few millimeters, indicate to the surgeon exactly where to make bone cuts so that the knee replacement is customized for the individual patient anatomy. These blocks allow the surgeon to place the total knee implants in perfect alignment, matching each patient’s unique anatomy.

Over the past 30+ years of conventional knee replacement all of the alignment, measurements and decisions were done in the operating room. Although this conventional approach has been successful it has statistically left 15-20\% of the patients unhappy with their results. This may be because of the many inter-operative decisions that need to be made by the surgeons during conventional total knee surgery. With the addition of MRI technology all the alignment and implant positions are matched to each patient’s anatomy prior to surgery. This ability to preoperatively determine the placement of the knee implants removes the opportunity to make an error in inter-operative implant placement. The other benefit is that customized knee replacement surgery looks at each patient’s anatomy as unique. Where conventional knee replacements put all patients into the same alignment position no matter what the patients anatomy looks like. This unique customized approach ensures the implants are positioned correctly and the knee is properly balanced.

To use a door as an analogy if you were to replace a door in your house but didn’t align the door perfectly. It may still open and close but it will scrape against the carpet or not close properly. The same is with the knee when it is aligned or balanced perfectly it will work much better. When not aligned perfectly it may be stiff and painful as we as reducing the overall range of motion.

Even if you or someone you know has been scheduled for total knee replacement surgery it would not cost anything to attend one of several Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement seminars.
These procedures are being performed at Morristown Memorial Hospital, St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, and St. Clares Hospital in Denville.

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