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The Value of Tradition

Born in Walsenburg Colorado, Tim Cordova and his five brothers were taught the importance, value and tradition of hunting.

“Hunting feels like a different life you are one with the wildlife in the mountains and it just feels special.” Hunting a tradition passed down from generation to generation where respect of nature and animals is a value important to that tradition. Tim shared the values and family tradition of hunting with his boys.  “We would start planning for our hunting trips a month before the season. See you have to plan for the meals, all the food you will need and who will do the cooking. You have to make sure you have enough hay for the horses and plan where you are going. We head to the mountains about a week before the Season begins. We find our spot and get camp setup and settled in.” Tim impressed on his boys the value behind hunting and that it is not just about the kill, hunting is so much more. Hunting is becoming one with the wilderness and finding a whole new respect for Mother Nature and the time you spend together and the bond that forms when you go out with your son’s, family and friends. “I was hunting mid-October in about 3 ½ feet of snow. Around noon I spotted the biggest Bull I ever got! We had left early that morning and when you go out you don’t come back until you have something or the sun goes down.” Tim was hunting with his buddy, his buddy’s Dad and another gentleman on that cold, winter blanketed afternoon. This is very prevalent in both of Tim’s’ boys, TJ and Jessie. “Our favorite memory hunting with Dad is when we went to hunt on what was then our Granddad’s ranch. The ranch has since become part of the Forest and Service and BLM Land. We were on our horses riding behind Dad and his brother listening to them reminiscence about when they were growing up. We didn’t get anything on that trip but that trip was our favorite trip!” Tim has passed on more than a hunting tradition, he passed on experiences that will last a life time! Tim now hangs his Bull Elk antlers at Larchwood Inns, where he shares his many wonderful hunting experiences and still passes on the importance of tradition and the true meaning of hunting! Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Melissa Latham RN, NHA and Corie Scotto. Melissa is the Administrator at Larchwood Inns and the PARC, Corie is Public Relations for Larchwood Inns and the PARC and both may be reached at 970-245-0022 or by email at and

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