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Urgent Care-A Convenient Alternative to Your Primary Care Physician and the ER

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It’s ten o’clock Tuesday morning. You don’t feel well and you haven’t felt well for the past three days, yet you’ve put off making an appointment with your doctor. You finally call your doctor’s office, but they can’t get you in until Thursday.

So what do you do? You can wait and feel miserable for another two days, you can go to the ER, or you can visit an urgent care clinic.

What is Urgent Care?
“Urgent care is a convenient alternative when you cannot get a same-day appointment with your primary care physician, don’t have a PCP, or need to be seen when your doctor’s office is closed, such as weekends, evenings or holidays.” says Dr. Nathan Moore, owner of locally owned and operated Rocky Mountain Urgent Care. “Many people don’t know urgent care is an option and end up going to the Emergency Room where wait-time is longer and costs are higher compared to a typical urgent care visit.”

When Do I Use Urgent Care?
There are times when a person should go directly to the ER and not an urgent care clinic when seeking medical attention. “Chest pains, blurred vision and numbness in the face, arm or leg are all reasons to seek care at the ER,” according to Dr. Moore. “Symptoms such as sore throats, broken bones, rashes and lacerations can often be treated at an urgent care clinic.” If you’re still unsure of where to go when you can’t get into your PCP, Dr. Moore suggests speaking with someone at your doctor’s office. “They can usually advise you on where to go for alternative care.”

How Will My Doctor Know About My Urgent Care Visit?
“At Rocky Mountain Urgent Care, we have a working relationship with most PCPs,” explains Dr. Moore. “After a patient is seen at one of our clinics, notes are faxed to their PCP’s office, and the patient is directed to make an appointment with their doctor for follow-up treatment.”

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care sees patients on a walk-in basis and has clinics in Aurora, Englewood, Westminster, Boulder, Longmont and Commerce City at Reunion. All clinics are conveniently open days, evenings, weekends and holidays.