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We Believe The End of Life Can Be Beautiful  

9019 W. US Hwy 34 Loveland, CO 80537

When Eric Jepsen and I met, we found an instant connection discussing the idea of having a home that was dedicated to end of life care. Our backgrounds and experience made this collaboration easy and exciting for both of us.

Más Allá means “beyond” in Spanish. This beautiful home located just west of Loveland, has space for up to 5 people to spend their last season surrounded by beauty and family. We provide the 24/7 care and work with our guests’ hospice team as they determine how best to meet the medical needs. This team goal allows family and friends to be just that – family and friends.

We work with the hospice organization that the guest chooses. Our desire is for each of our guests to feel free to make choices that are best for them. At end of life, there are so many things that are outside a person’s control. We believe that any choice you can make about how you live that season should be encouraged and respected.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Becky Davis, CEO of Más Allá Homes. For more information she can be reached at 970-549-0600 or by email at:



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