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Do you need guidance with an aging loved one and care decisions? Do you have a Grab and Go binder?

Often, caregiving falls on the shoulders of the family members. In time, compassion fatigue is likely to occur because of the overwhelming responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. Family caregivers are burned out, worried about losing their jobs, experience strained relationships with their spouses, siblings, and the aging parent, and are physically and emotionally exhausted. Care Right helps families with aging loved ones navigate the long term care industry.
One would hope the aging process brings families together, but it often does not. Families don’t know what they don’t know, often times making mistakes in helping their aging parents with decision-making.
Care Right conducts comprehensive assessments (what works well, what isn’t working, what goals are needed and what resources are available)
We facilitate family meetings, develop an Aging Plan (where will my loved one live, who will provide care, how will care be paid) and help families restore relationships and make informed decisions. Care Right then oversees this plan to ensure the best possible care is in place.

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