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What Can Home Health Care Do For Me?  

Loveland, CO

Home Health Care (HHC) comes in a variety of different services and agencies such as Nursing services, Physical, Occupational and speech therapies it may also include social workers and hospice services. These services are often needed when discharging from a hospital or rehab or in the home when there is a decline in condition. 

These types of short term services help to ensure you are progressing in a positive direction.

Other services and agencies may be in place along with HHC in a supportive manner. You may need a full time Certified Nursing Assistant caregiver or a Registered Nurse to help you while retaining services through another agency. This is allowed when you are paying private or through a long-term care insurance or trust, however, two Medicare agencies getting paid from Medicare cannot have services overlap.

 Medicare agencies often cover medication fills, injections, wound management and therapies. After a period, they may not be able to cover some of these things. With HHC you have the option of privately paying for an agency to pick up where the Medicare agency may have left off.

A common misconception is that Medicare will cover the cost of a Caregiver in your home who would do housekeeping, go shopping, cook meals or sit with you for extended periods of time. Medicare does not cover the cost to these performed tasks. When private pay is involved, two agencies can often be found in one home at the same time. 

Over the years I have been asked, “If hospice is already in place and I need help all the time what happens?” The hospice agency cannot be with you twenty-four hours a day or for long periods of time. If you wish for your loved one to remain in the home, it is recommended that you call another agency to help you fill the hours needed and support the hospice agency already in place.

It is an easy decision to keep you and your family well cared for while honoring their wishes. The time and labor caring for them following that decision is the challenge.

With so many agencies in our area providing different levels of care and supportive services it is becoming easier to keep our loved ones in place longer while honoring their wishes. This is when several agencies can come together and provide the level of care needed to keep everyone safe and happy.

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by Theresa Poole, Director of Community Relations at Brightstar Care.  She can be reached at 970-667-7778 or email at with any questions regarding Home health care.

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