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When Going Home Isn’t an Option - Local Professionals Can Simplify Your Search

Boulder, CO

Making a move to a senior living community can be difficult. Local Placement and Referral Agents recognize and manage the stress of relocating older adults. Agents have significant knowledge of Senior Living Communities in Boulder and the surrounding areas.

With over 485 Senior Living options in our area, it is challenging to know where to start. Local agents can be an invaluable ally in your search.  During the COVID pandemic, restrictions may prohibit outside visitors from touring in-person. Local agents can offer you insight while arranging virtual tours and educating you on communities.    

Agents save time. Your budget, care, and desired locations are taken into consideration. Phone calls to check availability and pricing, setting up tours, knowing which communities can meet care needs, and narrowing down the list of options are all part of an Agent’s job. They empower you to make informed decisions.

Concerned that using an expert is expensive? Good news! Since placement agents are typically compensated by communities, they generally do not charge families a fee.

The Greater Denver Placement and Referral Alliance (GDPRA) was created in 2018 to educate the public about Professional Placement Agents. Many families do not know this service exists. The GDPRA members adhere to Best Practices and a code of ethics. Working with a GDPRA agent offers peace of mind.

 What to look for in a local professional placement agent?

  • Assesses care needs, budget, location, and social needs
  • Vets the community’s quality of care
  • Walks beside you through the process
  • Helps determine the best options
  • Finds out availability
  • Schedules tours and tours with you
  • Acts as a neutral party during the decision making
  • Connects you to local resources

Local agents are not online referral companies

  • Agents live in your community
  • They never sell your private information
  • They protect your contact information
  • They vet and visit communities
  • Agents DON’T give you a long list of communities and require YOU to do the work

Organizing the search for senior living takes a considerable amount of time and research. Local agents are happy to simplify and guide you through this experience.

 Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Cameron Crawford, CSA, MBA. Cameron is a member of the GDPRA. Contact the GDPRA to find an agent in your area by calling 720-961-9799 or by emailing

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