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Why do we pay more attention to our vision than our hearing?

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Both your vision and your hearing are very important senses, and both cause great difficulties if they don’t work effectively. Due to the way we use them, their loss affects us in different ways. Many adults get their vision checked regularly, so why do so many people ignore their ears?

When you visit an optician, you look at a letter chart. If you have loss of vision, you may not be able to read the smaller letters because your eyes can’t focus on them.

Another way to understand vision loss is to think of how we age. Over time, the eyes gradually lose their ability to focus. If you are farsighted, you know seeing things close to you – like reading – become more difficult. This loss of sensitivity to nearby objects does not vary; it is uniform.


Like vision, our ears often gradually lose the ability to hear high frequencies, both through damage and aging. However, unlike vision loss, the actual effects of this are not uniform.

Speech is made up of many different frequencies and tones. If we can’t hear high pitched sounds, we find it hard to understand specific letters such as f and s. This is because they contain high frequencies.


In contrast to vision loss where we miss chunks of vision, the loss of hearing sensitivity affects many parts of speech that are scattered throughout a conversation, so random bits of conversation get lost.

When people struggle to see, they wear glasses. These “vision aids” help a broad range of people. Prescription glasses require a professional to check your vision, write a prescription and orders lenses specifically addressing your individual needs.

The same is true with hearing solutions. Since modern hearing aid designs are discreet, stylish and come in a range of colors. many people now find old stigmas to be silly. The life-changing, cutting-edge hearing aid technology of today offers solutions for every type of hearing loss, age and lifestyle. If you hear and see well, your entire world is brighter.

Having a hearing assessment* is as easy as a vision test. Plus, at HearingLife it’s complimentary. Make an appointment to get started.