A Company with a Passion to Serve Revolutionary Products in our Community

Kitchen Krush was developed locally with a passion to deliver revolutionary products to serve the needs of people.

Are you frustrated with:
1. A traditional cane that is hard to see with in the dark and too bulky to carry around?
2. Attempts to open jars and have excruciating pain?
3. Unable to reach for items in cupboards or bend over to pick something up?
Kitchen Krush developed revolutionary products to serve.
“Finally I’m able to open jars much easier. Send me your cards so I can start telling people about you!”
“The reacher closes easily. I now have one in every room, in my car, and in my garage. I wouldn’t give mine up for the world.”
“Such a great cane, extremely solid and stable footing, makes you feel confident even on wet surfaces. Nicely adjustable up to 39 inches for tall people like me. The light is great also.”

For your convenience, you can order online at www.kitchenkrush.com or with our simple cut and mail order option. Do not miss out and select your favorite product(s) to have today!