Let Us Help You Stay Comfortable, At No Cost To You

Idaho Power offers two weatherization programs for our customers. Both of these programs provide energy efficiency improvements to customer’s electrically-heated homes, apartments and manufactured homes so less energy is used and homes stay more comfortable.  If you own or rent your home, you may be eligible to participate for free.  The primary difference between these two programs is the amount of a customer’s annual household income.


Weatherization Assistance for Qualified Customers (WAQC)

Through the WAQC program, Idaho Power partners with Idaho and Oregon Community Action Partnership (CAP) agencies to weatherize electrically-heated homes of income qualified customers.

Upgrades to your home may include things like new insulation, furnace tune-ups, weather stripping and sealing air leaks. These upgrades help keep cold air out during the winter and hot air out during the summer. CAP agencies in Idaho and Oregon have trained and certified weatherization crews and contractors to ensure improvements meet standards set by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. To see if you qualify for this program, contact your local CAP agency.


Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers Program

Customers whose income is slightly too high to qualify for WAQC, may qualify for Weatherization Solutions. The Weatherization Solutions program serves Idaho Power customers in Idaho who heat with electricity and meet the income guidelines below:

Number of people in home Monthly income range
1 $1,733 and $2,475
2 $2,336 and 3,338
3 $2,940 and $4,200
4 $3,544 and $5,063
5 $4,148 and $5,925

2016-2017 Guidelines

If you would like to see if you qualify for this program call these contractors in Idaho: Power Savers (serving Ada, Elmore and Owyhee counties) at 208-377-0700 or Metro Contractor Services (serving Adams, Boise, Canyon, Gem, Payette, Valley, Idaho and Washington counties) at 208-459-0066.


Benefits You’ll Appreciate

These weatherization programs focus on the entire house.  When a home is weatherized, it is weatherized entirely to save energy and provide a healthy and comfortable living environment for eligible customers.

Through these weatherization programs, customers learn how to use energy wisely, where they might save additional energy to help reduce their heating costs, and how to use new equipment such as a digital thermostat in their home. This one-on-one education is a good time to have questions about energy efficiency answered by professionals.

These home improvements make a real difference in the lives of Idaho Power’s customers. “We don’t get cold, and we don’t hear the wind blowing through the house like we did before,” said Donna Blay, a participant in Idaho Power’s Weatherization Solutions program. Energy efficiency upgrades to her family’s all-electric, manufactured home included: a new heat pump, new ductwork, a programmable thermostat, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and ceiling, floor, and pipe insulation.


We hope you take advantage of these no-cost programs. We’re sure you’ll be glad you did!

This article was written by Idaho Power.