What is LIFE Pittsburgh?

Many elderly wish to remain in their homes as they age, however they find with each year it is more difficult to coordinate all the medically necessary services to live safely in the community.

LIFE Pittsburgh is part of the National program (PACE) for adults 55+ who have health needs that affect their daily lives. LIFE Pittsburgh provides a wide range of medical, social, recreational, and wellness services at no cost to eligible participants. The goal of LIFE Pittsburgh is to allow participants to live safely in their homes and/or community setting.
Participants who enroll in the LIFE program receive all primary care and community services at the Day Health Center. LIFE Pittsburgh provides an experienced team of health care and social service professionals to help create an individualized care plan. The Team is Interdisciplinary and is comprised of a professional team of Geriatric Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational, and Physical Therapists, Mental Health Providers, Nutritionists and Recreational Therapists.

Services include: Family Caregiver Support, Personal Care and Homemaking, Day Health Center for Meals and Recreation, In-Home Services, Transportation and Meals, Physical, Occupational and Recreational Therapies, Primary Health Care, Specialty Care including Podiatry, Dental, Optometry and Audiology, Prescription Drugs, Medical Supplies and Equipment, Emergency Care, and Hospital Care.

To be eligible for LIFE Pittsburgh, a participant must:
• Be 55 years of age or older
• Reside in an area served by LIFE Pittsburgh
• Be determined medically eligible
• Be able to be safely served in the community
• Be determined financially eligible or be able to privately pay
To learn more about LIFE Pittsburgh, call 412-388-8050 for an explanation of the enrollment requirements, medical and financial eligibility process, or log on to www.lifepittsburgh.org.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Jenni Anderson at LIFE Pittsburgh, Manager of Outreach & Enrollment. She can be reached at 412-388-8050 or by email at janderson@lifepittsburgh.org. Visit their website at www.lifepittsburgh.org