Accepting Assistance Can Be the Key to Remaining Independent

Remaining independent doesn’t mean you have to be totally self-sufficient or do everything yourself. Knowing when to accept or ask for help is often the key to retaining your quality of life and even preventing injury.
In fact, many adults need only a small number of services, such as light housekeeping, laundry, a ride to the doctors, or meal preparation to keep functioning independently as they age. Assistance with these daily routines, and with such activities as bathing, dressing, and grooming, can help them maintain independence and remain at home.
But such assistance is not always easy to find and manage. That’s where home care comes in. Experienced caregivers provided by solid home care companies offer the helping hands needed to make continued independence possible for many seniors.
“I saw this when my father was caring for my mother,” said FirstLight HomeCare owner, John Richards. “My Dad’s health suffered because he was trying to do too much. When he accepted a little help from a caregiver at home, his heath improved and best of all, so did the quality of time he spent with Mom.”
FirstLight HomeCare owner Pat Risko agrees: “Seniors deserve to live independent lives and to receive the very best care available. Home care helps make both possible.”
When selecting caregivers Risko and Richards agree that it is important to ensure that caregivers are direct employees of their company, that they are insured, and that the company has conducted pre-employment screening. Some companies, such as FirstLight, even use personality tests to better match caregivers to the needs of their clients, and then they closely monitor client satisfaction after care begins.
One misconception that many people have regarding home care is the price. “We committed to delivering compassionate, experienced caregivers at the best value, making caregivers more affordable than many first believe, especially versus alternatives that often involve leaving home,” Richards said.
Home care can be the key to aging independently. Asking for assistance can be hard to do. It takes a lot of courage and wisdom to take this step, but as millions of seniors and their families have discovered, it can be a step well worth taking.
Editor’s Note: This article submitted by John Richards, Owner, FirstLight HomeCare Of Fairfield County, 203-636-0991 and Patrick Risko, Owner, FirstLight HomeCare Of Shoreline East, 203-449-7514