Do I Need a Care Manager?

Providing care and assistance to a loved one is not easy.

Many adult children and spouses struggle with juggling work, home life, and caring for their aging loved one. As you wear the many hats of a caregiver you may find the stress negatively affects your work and wears on your health and relationships. There may even be times when this caregiving role does not feel loving or satisfying to you. Whether your loved one lives at home or in a facility, nearby or far away, an Aging Life Care Professional™ (formally known as a geriatric care manager) can be very helpful.

Contact an Aging Life Care Professional™ ( when:

You worry, are stressed out, or overwhelmed

Your loved one has difficulties being safe

You notice changes and do not know where to turn

You need help communicating clearly with others

You do not have family who can help

There are increased medical or psychological issues

You need assistance with necessary arrangements

You need regularly check-ins for your loved one

You can use some help coordinating appointments

You need someone to respond to emergencies

You want an independent evaluation

Family members are at odds regarding care decisions

Your loved is not happy with their current situation

Family needs help dealing with difficult behaviors

You have feelings of guilt, anger, and resentment

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Colleen Daugherty with Senior Life Solutions. To learn more about Aging Life Care Professionals™ or Senior Life Solutions you may contact Colleen at (970) 282-7975 or by email at

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