Join the Caregiver Iris Movement and be a Hope Grows Caregiver Champion!

With more than 44 million caregivers nationwide, Hope Grows feels the time has come to launch a movement that honors caregivers. The Blue-Bearded Iris is the symbol to raise awareness of caregiver issues while championing caregiver appreciation and assistance. The Iris flower, in general, implies a message and promise of hope, representing a movement to honor caregivers and raise awareness of needed support.

While the Blue-Bearded Iris was introduced to Hope Grows in its first year as a charity, it symbolizes care, making this flower the choice for a caregiver emblem. The three petals of the Iris symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom, qualities that cannot be denied in a caregiver. Nature and flower symbolism are deeply rooted in the mission of Hope Grows. Hope Grows makes the Blue-Bearded Iris symbol available as lapel pins, note-cards, and decals that can be purchased and worn or used to help raise awareness and show appreciation for caregivers. Additionally, Iris bulbs can be purchased and planted in the Hope Grows Iris Garden in honor or in memory of a caregiver or care recipient. Proceeds from the purchase of all Caregiver Iris Movement™ products benefit Hope Grows programs that provide much-needed assistance for caregivers through three core areas of service: Counseling and Support, Therapeutic Respite™, and Education and Training. Caregiver Iris Movement™ products are available for purchase at, Hope Grows events, and the Hope Respite House and Therapeutic Gardens.