Life Is Like A Game Of Tennis, You Only Win By Serving

As we reach out and touch someone with a servant’s heart, we reap many rewards. One of the biggest rewards is we add to the senior’s quality of life by allowing them to stay in their own homes.

Home care provides many other benefits as the trained, loving, professional caregiver bonds with the client.  The professional caregiver who has chosen in-home care quickly learns how the senior wants things done in their home and strives to please.

As winter storms approach and snowflakes float softly to the ground, it creates a beautiful sight to behold.  The client waits inside for their special person to arrive and add warmth to their sometimes cold and lonely world.  Fear tries to interrupt their trust in the person they have come to depend on for their care.  The thought of being left alone or seeing a stranger in the place of their special person is frightening.  It takes away from the quality of their lives and can cause their health to decline.

The professional caregiver has learned the weather and other factors can create circumstances to keep them from their jobs.  They realize the client has come to expect them at certain times of the day and week.  The caregiver strives to meet their commitment to the senior who is depending on them.  Professional caregivers realize their absence causes trauma and affects the daily living activities of their client.

Those who have chosen in-home care as their profession understand the importance of being on time.  Therefore they strive to follow through with their commitment.  They win by serving.


Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Mae Mays , Owner and Founder of Affordable Home Care since 1992. Ms. Mays may be reached at 303-988-1821  or by email at: