What is Supports Coordination – How can it Help our Family?

Nobody prepares you to watch your loved ones get older. As our lives become busier and more hectic, theirs are slowing down. Health conditions and physical limitations may bring new challenges to them, and they begin to struggle to remain independent. As members of our families age, they have needs that we are going to need to provide, but we may not know how. Families can adapt to these new needs, but they are going to need some assistance. This is where supports coordination, a company with a special set of skills, comes in.

What is Supports Coordination?
Everyone has a set of needs that must be met on a daily basis. Personal hygiene, nutrition, a clean home, and management of health conditions need constant maintenance. This requires a careful eye, and can quickly become a full-time job. A supports coordinator is a professional who will evaluate the day to day needs of an aging family member and spot the areas in which there are services that could assist. For instance, if you are available to spend time caring for your loved one in the evening, but there is no one to help during the day, a supports coordinator can see that need and recommend services such as a home health aide, or a meal delivery service to help.

How Can Supports Coordination Help Our Family?
Caring for our loved ones is a privilege, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Supports coordinators help to relieve that burden on the family, as they not only monitor the aging client to ensure their needs are being met, they also survey the family who assists them to ensure no one is suffering from caretaker burnout. If signs of burnout are noticed, the supports coordinator can then make suggestions to help.

Is Supports Coordination Right for Our Family?
Everyone needs a little help, and a great Supports Coordinator provides just that. By having a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your family member’s care, you are ensuring that they will be better cared for. If caring for an aged family member is becoming an overwhelming task, reach out and find a supports coordinator, like Legendary Supports Coordination, to help you get things back on track.

Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Shannon Peguese, Chief Operating Officer of Legendary Supports Coordination.