Moving on With Life is Easier When You Have People You Can Count On

At the Silver and Gold Group, we understand that every move is not created equal. Some are definitely harder than others. Often you need services beyond that of a single real estate agent.That’s why our well-educated group is a perfect solution for those who need more than just a sign in the yard. Our team of caring professionals can assist with property maintenance, estate sale planning and repairs. We understand that each situation is different,

I’m Ready to Sell My House – Where Do I Begin?

Making the decision to move, whether downsizing to a smaller home or moving to one of the many beautiful retirement communities in the area, the process can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. With so many things to consider….“What will I do with all of my stuff”, “What is my home worth in today’s market”, “Who will help me” the next logical question becomes “Where will I begin”? Scott and Kelli Nold’s

Break Down the Most Important Aspects of Estate Planning

There are many important considerations while doing your estate planning. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the terms and language that are brought up during this time. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important aspects: Probate Defined: Probate is defined as the court process during which a deceased person’s assets are transferred to their beneficiaries. During that time, there is a creditors’ claim period where we publish the proceedings in the newspaper

Glisson-LeBlanc Insurance Helps You Plan for Your Peace of Mind

The time to plan for tomorrow is NOW. Plan for golfing, sailing, traveling and spending time with family. But, can you protect your precious quality of life? Glisson-LeBlanc Insurance can help. For 30 years, Renae’ LeBlanc, CLTC and Michele Glisson,CLTC have been friends and busi-ness partners. Raising their families in Sarasota County, they know their community and all it offers. Their clients say they put people at ease when discussing life insurance, long term care

Alzheimer’s Awareness: Are You Aware?

Not as many people are aware, but every one of us is impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe the disease affects somebody we know – we’re all just a few degrees of separation away from someone suffering from the disease. We are all indirectly paying the bill as Alzheimer’s will cost our government $277 billion by the end of 2018, and that does not reflect informal care. Nationally, 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, every 66 seconds

Peace of Mind While Family is Away

Serenity at Home Companion Care has a number of years’ experience in the field of affordable healthcare. What sets us apart is our commitment to introducing clients and caregivers before we finalize one’s care plan. We have found that competitors send a hired companion to one’s home without prior knowledge of their comfort-ability with each other. At Serenity we have found that this process limits families’ options when making this critical decision – that they