Why Ask for Family Care Space at Senior Living Communities

Why ask for Family CareSpace when touring communities: Faster Call Button Response Time Care staff know where you are when help is requested Resident Centered Care Support Specific resident care requirements are easily implemented in the   Family CareSpace System- Easy To Use Private Family Portal Stay connected with family & friends, sharing photos/videos, activities/events, care updates/changes, location in community Why Ask Your Agency For Family HomeCare Space Why ask for Family HomeCareSpace when interviewing

Can I Afford My Drugs?

As seniors, our biggest challenge is how to afford the drugs that our doctors prescribe. There are a number of realities that we have to deal with, and over which we have no control. We spend about 45% of the global total spent on pharmaceutical drugs. Americans spend more on prescribed drugs than any other developed country and pay double what other countries’ residents pay for healthcare in general. Half of the scientifically innovative drugs

Should Seniors Have Their Credit Locked Down?

In one of our recent training meetings, I received a great tip: Seniors (any maybe their kids) should contact all three credit reporting agencies and request that their ‘credit’ be ‘locked down.’ This of course would mean that they could no longer get a credit card or buy something on credit. But does a senior really need more credit? And if they do, the credit can be ‘unlocked’ so that they can buy a new

Safety Checks Room by Room

There are many things that we can do to improve the safety for ourselves and for our loved ones. As we walk through the home there are many things to consider. In general, fall hazards can happen in any room. Start with eliminating various trip/fall hazards such as clutter in all sizes, stacks of items on the floor, throw rugs, extension cords in walkways, etc. Even some pets can be a problem as we age,

Senior Meals Provide Nutrition and Community Support

Cooking for one or even two, presents challenges as we age. It can be difficult to shop and prepare healthy, well-balanced meals on a daily basis. Did you know the Older Americans Act provides grants to State and community senior organizations to help provide a healthy, well-balanced meals for older adults? Through the Community dining and home delivered meal programs, seniors struggling with isolation and loneliness or those who have difficulty buying or preparing meals

What Are You Doing For Stress?

It can also create or contribute to health concerns everything from high blood pressure, digestive issues, migraines, skin irritations, depression, weight, sleep disorders, food and environmental allergies, and much more. Some stress can be good stress: weddings, birthdays, new jobs. Things we think of as bad stress: family conflict, pressure at work, dealing with family addictions, and health concerns. So what do you do about it? Some people find they can take a walk, talk