teleCalm Keeps Seniors Connected and Protected

The teleCalm Phone Service helps seniors make phone calls with confidence, while allowing family caregivers to manage the service remotely. Seniors face many hurdles as they age: Loneliness and isolation; Loss of independence; Being targeted by scammers and telemarketers. It’s no surprise families worry about who their loved one is talking to each day, or if they should just take the phone away. Wouldn’t it be great if your loved one could keep their dignity,

Understanding Levels of Living in Senior Living Communities

In today’s senior living arena there are so many options, different pricing, different levels of living, traditional stand-alone facilities, full continuum care facilities, group homes, skilled nursing facilities and even cottages within a campus.  Whichever facility type you chose for yourself or your loved one it is important to understand what care levels are being offered and what is being provided. There are options from Independent Living, Assisted Living services, Memory Care services, Assisted Living

Cancer: Screening, Prevention and Early Detection

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. For every 100,000 people, 438 new cancer cases were reported and 159 people died of cancer. Prevention is the best way to fight it, as many types of cancers can be prevented, while others are more easily treated when diagnosed early. Cancer screenings are an important part of early diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Colon Cancer Everyone age 50 and older needs to get

The Alzheimer’s Association’s 2018 Facts & Figures Report Reveals Increases in Alzheimer’s Prevalence and Costs of Care

With each passing year, new data continues to prove that Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic. Significant increases in costs and incidence, including care costs for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia’s surpassing a quarter of a trillion dollars have been reported in the Alzheimer’s Association 2018 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report. However, this years report goes beyond the statistics with a special report on the financial and personal benefits of early diagnosis,

Taking Away Mom’s Car Was Tough Enough, but Now the Computer?

In the past few years, scams of senior adults utilizing social media have skyrocketed according to law enforcement and social service agencies resulting in significant amounts of much needed financial assets being lost with little or no chance of recovery. “It is an epidemic targeting the most vulnerable, who also happen to control 70% of the nation’s wealth,” says Julie Krawczyk, Director of the Elder Financial Safety Center, a collaboration of The Senior Source, Dallas

Planning for Retirement

What chapter of life are you in?  If like me, retirement is approaching, but not quite here.  Are you prepared?  Five hundred and five seniors, aged 75 or older, were surveyed by Home Instead, Inc. about preparing for their future.  While many people know they should plan for retirement, get their financial affairs in order, and decide on their final resting wishes, most seniors are underprepared when it comes to creating a plan for their