Hip Replacement For Seniors: What’s New?

Good news for seniors facing hip replacement: A much better outcome with computer and robotic-aided surgery. Why is the outcome better? Because the orthopedic surgeon can better align new hip components with computers and a robotic arm than by older methods using an alignment rod. Not all of us are built the same. When laying on the operating table, our hip may not be aligned as it would be when standing or going about activities

Geriatric Behavioral Health – Help is Readily Available

Did you know that a Senior Citizen’s mental, or behavioral, health has positive or negative effects on their physical health? Whether its pain issues, cardiovascular health or some other medical conditions, maintaining good behavioral health can significantly improve recovery time from illness and continued well-being. Just as specific treatments are given for physical injury, specific mental health programs are designed for seniors; it’s important to get the appropriate type of treatment for geriatric behavioral health.

Private Duty Nursing: Meeting the Needs in Our Community

Private duty nursing is the care of individuals of every age; from newborn infants born prematurely or with neonatal health issues to our senior citizens who after many years of productive lives need assistance with the most basic tasks of living. Although we use the term nursing, private duty care can be provided by licensed nurses who will perform skilled procedures such as administering of meds, tube feedings, and wound care. Non-nursing care is typically assisting