The Best Time to Plan is Before you Need Assistance

“I’m not going to a nursing home, I want to stay in my own home.” Unfortunately, physical and mental capacity issues may require additional care that is difficult and extraordinarily expensive in your home. Transitioning into an assisted living or skilled nursing facility can be exhausting and expensive. Proper advanced Medicaid planning with an Elder Law attorney can help you find the government resources to pay for a majority of your health care costs. The

Medical Cannabis – Continuing the Conversation Without Stigma

In addition to providing one on one consultations, The Livingston Foundation educates through classes, events and media, continuing the cannabis conversation without stigma. Our mission is to increase health, hope and happiness through cannabis education. The Livingston Foundation provides free, confidential help to those wanting to learn more about how to access and use medical cannabis. As a cannabis patient myself, I know how overwhelming it can be to learn about this complex plant that

Give me a One. Give me a Two. Give me a Three! Three Reasons Physical Therapy IS Right for You

Feel Young Again! We are all looking to live the best life we can live, right?! Did you know that physical therapy can help get you back onto the right path if you’ve veered off of it? Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques can restore muscle, increase joint function and improve mobility. But, that’s not all, folks! Check out these three reasons why physical therapy IS for you. #1 Take Care of Your Body –

Why Do I Need a Primary Care Physician?

Many people believe they only need a doctor when they are sick. However, having a primary care physician may be your key to staying healthy. An important responsibility of a primary care physician is providing preventative care. Think of your primary care physician as your wellness coach, who will protect your health through regular checkups, and will make sure you get the screenings you need to identify any concerns as early as possible. There are

Lee Health. Caring People. Inspiring Health.

Lee Physician Group has more than 500 primary and specialty care physicians and advanced practitioners. We are right where you need us, too, with 80 office locations in Lee County that make it easy for you and your family to find a primary care or specialty care office near you. Many of our practices are located in buildings or office complexes with other important medical services—such as imaging, rehabilitation, and labs. Our specialty physicians treat

A Concierge Approach to Real Estate and Aging-in-Place

There is a significant movement by seniors that wish to create an environment where they can Age-in-Place, either within an existing home that is upgraded, downsizing to a more comfortable square footage, adding smart-home technology, or perhaps to discuss the option of an ADU. These home environments must be safe, in a walkable area, maintain a sense of community, independence and allow for seniors to Age-in-Place. Some seniors may not want to give up their